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Old 02-27-2005, 05:10 PM   #1
Lord Estraven
Registered: Aug 2004
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Rhythmbox fails to play anything, gives stranger error

Hello... Yep, me again, after half a year... Now a (relatively) happy user of Arch Linux, with a very annoying problem.

You see, my sound works perfectly, GStreamer works perfectly, in fact just about everything works perfectly. But for some reason, Rhythmbox does not. It doesn't want to play a damn thing.

When I try to play an Ogg Vorbis file with Rhythmbox, it gives me the error message "Internal GStreamer error: pad problem. File a bug," and does not play the file. When I try to play an MP3 or listen to one of the radio channels, it doesn't even give me that - I just get a Windows-esqe "This application has quit unexpectedly" message, and the thing promptly and unceremoniously quits.

Running Rhythmbox from the terminal, even in debug mode, fails to show anything unusual. Things just don't play.

Running gst-register does not solve this problem.

My sound is definitely configured correctly, so please do not ask about my alsamixer configuration. God knows I've spent long enough muting the unnecessary channels so that I get any sound at all.

I don't know what FLAC files do to Rhythmbox, because Rhythmbox refuses to acknowledge their existance, even though I have the correct plugin installed and registered.

CDs play fine and rip fine.

BMP, Totem, GXine, GMPC, etc. all play everything perfectly. They also all suck for playing music.

I've done a lot of searching for info on this bug, and it seems to be omnipresent and unfixed. It also seems to attack some people like the plague, while leaving others alone, on a completely random basis.

I can duplicate the damn stupid bug every time I try to play any Ogg or MP3 file with Rhythmbox - no exceptions at all.

Just in case you need to know, I have a new machine - a Powerspec 1421 with Via onboard audio. Pretty standard stuff, and fairly well supported on Linux.

I've posted this on about 3 other forums and gotten nothing really relevent in response.

I also don't feel like installing a whole separate media player when I've already got a big freaking media framework built right into GNOME.

Old 02-27-2005, 05:57 PM   #2
Senior Member
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i think you don't have the gts-plugins installed

you might want to compile it yourself and it will create plugins for all the audio and video codecs it finds
(over 150)
assuming your gnome config folder is /etc/gnome
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc
make install

then do
Old 02-27-2005, 09:38 PM   #3
Lord Estraven
Registered: Aug 2004
Distribution: Pardus
Posts: 53

Original Poster
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Wrong-o! It's installed. It just happens to be a necessary dependancy of Rhythmbox, and is installed along with Rhythmbox by Pacman, Arch's package manager. Thanks anyway for the suggestion though.

(I also happen to have all the GStreamer plugins for the various codecs I am using.)

Any other possibilities?
Old 02-28-2005, 12:01 AM   #4
Senior Member
Registered: Jun 2004
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ok -- i don't want to get on your nerves but try this
change the path (location=)to an ogg file there on your system (this is all one command)
gst-launch-0.8 gnomevfssrc location=~/ogg/Bamboleo/te_gusto/track_01.ogg ! spider ! volume ! audioscale ! audioconvert ! $(gconftool-2 -g /system/gstreamer/0.8/default/audiosink)
just trying to run down the problem
i know you say gstreamer is set up correctly but you are getting a gstreamer error
GST_CORE_ERROR_PAD is not well documanted that i can find and rhythmbox while a very cool player is not very configurable or even comprehendable on the surface

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Old 02-28-2005, 05:17 AM   #5
Lord Estraven
Registered: Aug 2004
Distribution: Pardus
Posts: 53

Original Poster
Rep: Reputation: 15
Okay... Here we go:

RUNNING pipeline ...
ERROR: from element /pipeline0/spider0/vorbisdec0: Internal GStreamer error: pad problem.  File a bug.
Additional debug info:
gstpad.c(2563): gst_pad_set_explicit_caps: /pipeline0/spider0/vorbisdec0:
failed to negotiate (try_set_caps with "audio/x-raw-float, rate=(int)44100, channels=(int)2, endianness=(int)1234, width=(int)32, buffer-frames=(int)0" returned REFUSED)
Execution ended after 16 iterations (sum 1371815000 ns, average 85738437 ns, min 62000 ns, max 766917000 ns).
Any ideas?
Old 02-28-2005, 12:59 PM   #6
Senior Member
Registered: Jun 2004
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Rep: Reputation: 53
Old 02-28-2005, 03:50 PM   #7
Lord Estraven
Registered: Aug 2004
Distribution: Pardus
Posts: 53

Original Poster
Rep: Reputation: 15
I've found a temporary solution, using GStreamer in OSS mode and alsa-oss... Will that change the results here? Should I post the results using alsasink?

Anyway, here's what I got...

audiorate:  audiorate: Audio rate adjuster
colorspace:  colorspace: Colorspace converter
y4menc:  y4menc: Y4mEncode
smpte:  smpte: SMPTE transitions
alpha:  alpha: alpha filter
gstindexers:  memindex: A index that stores entries in memory
gstindexers:  fileindex: A index that stores entries in file
mpegaudioparse:  mp3parse: MPEG1 Audio Parser
gnomevfs:  gnomevfssrc: GnomeVFS Source
gnomevfs:  gnomevfssink: GnomeVFS Sink
gstoptomegascheduler:  optomega: An optimal scheduler using omega cothreads
gstbasicgthreadscheduler:  basicgthread: A basic scheduler using gthread cothreads
textoverlay:  textoverlay: Text Overlay
mpegaudio:  mpegaudio: mpegaudio mp3 encoder
videocrop:  videocrop: video crop filter
volume:  volume: Volume
videoscale:  videoscale: Video scaler
playondemand:  playondemand: Play On Demand
videorate:  videorate: Video rate adjuster
mikmod:  mikmod: MikMod
xvimagesink:  xvimagesink: Video sink
multipart:  multipartdemux: multipart demuxer
multipart:  multipartmux: multipart muxer
alphacolor:  alphacolor: alpha color filter
videobox:  videobox: video box filter
interleave:  interleave: Audio interleaver
interleave:  deinterleave: Audio deinterleaver
video4linux:  v4lelement: Generic video4linux Element
video4linux:  v4lsrc: Video (video4linux/raw) Source
video4linux:  v4lmjpegsrc: Video (video4linux/MJPEG) Source
video4linux:  v4lmjpegsink: Video (video4linux/MJPEG) sink
spectrum:  spectrum: Spectrum analyzer
gstoptgthreadscheduler:  optgthread: An optimal scheduler using gthread cothreads
gsttags:  vorbistag: vorbis tag extractor
ac3parse:  ac3parse: AC3 Parser
volenv:  volenv: Volume Envelope
faac:  faac: Free AAC Encoder (FAAC)
efence:  efence: Electric Fence
switch:  switch: Switch
level:  level: Level
gstoptscheduler:  opt: An optimal scheduler using no cothreads
debug:  breakmydata: breakmydata
debug:  negotiation: Negotiation
debug:  navseek: Seek based on left-right arrows
debug:  progressreport: Progress Report
debug:  testsink: gsttestsink
lame:  lame: L.A.M.E. mp3 encoder
audioscale:  audioscale: Audio scaler
vcdsrc:  vcdsrc: VCD Source
videotestsrc:  videotestsrc: Video test source
gstequalizer:  equalizer: Equalizer
typefindfunctions: video/x-ms-asf: asf, wm, wma, wmv
typefindfunctions: audio/x-musepack: mpc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-au: au, snd
typefindfunctions: video/x-msvideo: avi
typefindfunctions: video/x-cdxa: dat
typefindfunctions: video/x-vcd: dat
typefindfunctions: audio/x-flac: flac
typefindfunctions: video/x-fli: flc, fli
typefindfunctions: application/x-id3: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga, ogg, flac, tta
typefindfunctions: application/x-apetag: ape, mpc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-ttafile: tta
typefindfunctions: audio/x-mod: 669, amf, dsm, gdm, far, imf, it, med, mod, mtm, okt, sam, s3m, stm, stx, ult, xm
typefindfunctions: audio/mpeg: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga
typefindfunctions: audio/x-ac3: ac3
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg1: mpe, mpeg, mpg
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg2: mpe, mpeg, mpg
typefindfunctions: application/ogg: ogg, ogm
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg: mpv, mpeg, mpg
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg-stream: mpv, mpeg, mpg
typefindfunctions: video/quicktime: mov
typefindfunctions: application/vnd.rn-realmedia: ra, ram, rm, rmvb
typefindfunctions: application/x-shockwave-flash: swf, swfl
typefindfunctions: text/plain: txt
typefindfunctions: text/uri-list: ram
typefindfunctions: audio/x-wav: wav
typefindfunctions: audio/x-aiff: aiff, aif, aifc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-shorten: shn
typefindfunctions: application/x-ape: ape
typefindfunctions: image/jpeg: jpg, jpe, jpeg
typefindfunctions: image/gif: gif
typefindfunctions: image/png: png
typefindfunctions: image/bmp: bmp
typefindfunctions: image/tiff: tif, tiff
typefindfunctions: video/x-matroska: mkv, mka
typefindfunctions: video/x-dv: dv, dif
typefindfunctions: audio/x-sid: sid
typefindfunctions: image/x-xcf: xcf
typefindfunctions: video/x-mng: mng
typefindfunctions: image/x-jng: jng
typefindfunctions: image/x-xpixmap: xpm
typefindfunctions: image/x-sun-raster: ras
typefindfunctions: application/x-bzip: bz2
typefindfunctions: application/x-gzip: gz
typefindfunctions: application/zip: zip
typefindfunctions: application/x-compress: Z
typefindfunctions: audio/x-vorbis: no extensions
typefindfunctions: video/x-theora: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-video: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-audio: no extensions
typefindfunctions: audio/x-speex: no extensions
typefindfunctions: audio/x-m4a: m4a
typefindfunctions: application/x-executable: no extensions
typefindfunctions: adts_mpeg_stream: aac
tta:  ttaparse: TTA file parser
tta:  ttadec: TTA decoder
monoscope:  monoscope: Monoscope
udp:  udpsink: UDP packet sender
udp:  udpsrc: UDP packet receiver
mpeg2sub:  mpeg2subt: MPEG2 subtitle Decoder
vbidec:  vbidec: VBI decoder
jpeg:  jpegenc: JPEG image encoder
jpeg:  jpegdec: JPEG image decoder
jpeg:  smokeenc: Smoke image encoder
jpeg:  smokedec: Smoke video decoder
jpeg: video/x-smoke: no extensions
tcp:  tcpsink: TCP packet sender
tcp:  tcpsrc: TCP packet receiver
tcp:  tcpclientsink: TCP Client sink
tcp:  tcpclientsrc: TCP Client source
tcp:  tcpserversink: TCP Server sink
tcp:  tcpserversrc: TCP Server source
tcp:  multifdsink: MultiFd sink
gstentryomegascheduler:  entryomega: A entry scheduler using omega cothreads
ximagesink:  ximagesink: Video sink
passthrough:  passthrough: Passthrough
auparse:  auparse: .au parser
rtp:  rtpL16enc: RTP RAW Audio Encoder
rtp:  rtpL16parse: RTP packet parser
rtp:  rtpgsmenc: RTP GSM Audio Encoder
rtp:  rtpgsmparse: RTP packet parser
gstfairgthreadscheduler:  fairgthread: A fair scheduler based on gthread cothreads
gstbasicomegascheduler:  basicomega: A basic scheduler using omega cothreads
chart:  chart: chart drawer
mulaw:  mulawenc: PCM to Mu Law conversion
mulaw:  mulawdec: Mu Law to PCM conversion
sine:  sinesrc: Sine-wave src
decodebin:  decodebin: Decoder Bin
gstentrygthreadscheduler:  entrygthread: A entry scheduler using gthread cothreads
median:  median: Median effect
videomixer:  videomixer: video mixer
smooth:  smooth: Smooth effect
mad:  mad: mad mp3 decoder
mad:  id3demux: id3 tag extractor
mad:  id3mux: id3 muxer
mad:  id3tag: id3 tag extractor
wavenc:  wavenc: WAV encoder
rtjpeg:  rtjpegenc: RTjpeg encoder
rtjpeg:  rtjpegdec: RTjpeg decoder
video4linux2:  v4l2element: Generic video4linux2 Element
video4linux2:  v4l2src: Video (video4linux2) Source
qcamsrc:  qcamsrc: QCam Source
gstmultifilesink:  multifilesink: Multiple File Sink
playbin:  playbin: Player Bin
speed:  speed: Speed
mpeg1videoparse:  mpeg1videoparse: MPEG 1 Video Parser
gstelements:  aggregator: Aggregator pipe fitting
gstelements:  fakesrc: Fake Source
gstelements:  fakesink: Fake Sink
gstelements:  fdsink: Filedescriptor Sink
gstelements:  fdsrc: Disk Source
gstelements:  filesrc: File Source
gstelements:  filesink: File Sink
gstelements:  identity: Identity
gstelements:  md5sink: MD5 Sink
gstelements:  multifilesrc: Multi File Source
gstelements:  pipefilter: Pipefilter
gstelements:  shaper: Shaper
gstelements:  statistics: Statistics
gstelements:  tee: Tee pipe fitting
gstelements:  typefind: TypeFind
gstspider:  spider: Spider
gstspider:  spideridentity: SpiderIdentity
deinterlace:  deinterlace: Deinterlace
overlay:  overlay: Video Overlay
stereo:  stereo: Stereo effect
festival:  festival: Festival synthesizer
effectv:  edgeTV: EdgeTV
effectv:  agingTV: AgingTV
effectv:  diceTV: DiceTV
effectv:  warpTV: WarpTV
effectv:  shagadelicTV: ShagadelicTV
effectv:  vertigoTV: VertigoTV
effectv:  revTV: RevTV
effectv:  quarkTV: QuarkTV
cdparanoia:  cdparanoia: CD Audio (cdda) Source, Paranoia IV
alsa:  alsamixer: Alsa Mixer
alsa:  alsasrc: Alsa Src
alsa:  alsasink: Alsa Sink
silence:  silence: silence source
filter:  iir: IIR
filter:  lpwsinc: LPWSinc
filter:  bpwsinc: BPWSinc
alaw:  alawenc: PCM to A Law conversion
alaw:  alawdec: A Law to PCM conversion
ffmpegcolorspace:  ffmpegcolorspace: FFMPEG Colorspace converter
glimagesink:  glimagesink: Video sink
cdplayer:  cdplayer: CD Player
videodrop:  videodrop: Video frame dropper
goom:  goom: GOOM: what a GOOM!
gstaudioconvert:  audioconvert: Audio Conversion
gstaudioconvert:  buffer-frames-convert: buffer-frames conversion
gamma:  gamma: Video Gamma Correction
system_encode:  system_encode: MPEG1 Multiplexer
synaesthesia:  synaesthesia: Synaesthesia
cutter:  cutter: Cutter
flac:  flacenc: FLAC encoder
flac:  flacdec: FLAC decoder
flac:  flactag: flac retagger
modplug:  modplug: ModPlug
faad:  faad: Free AAC Decoder (FAAD)
adder:  adder: Adder
videobalance:  videobalance: Video Balance Control
apetag:  apedemux: Ape tag reader
vorbis:  vorbisenc: Ogg Vorbis encoder (deprecated)
vorbis:  rawvorbisenc: Vorbis encoder
vorbis:  vorbisdec: VorbisDec
vorbis:  vorbisparse: VorbisParse
ossaudio:  ossmixer: OSS Mixer
ossaudio:  osssrc: Audio Source (OSS)
ossaudio:  osssink: Audio Sink (OSS)
flxdec:  flxdec: FLX Decoder
mpegstream:  mpegparse: MPEG System Parser
mpegstream:  mpegdemux: MPEG Demuxer
mpegstream:  dvddemux: DVD Demuxer
mpegstream:  rfc2250enc: RFC 2250 packet encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_ac3: FFMPEG AC-3 audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_mp2: FFMPEG MPEG-1 layer 2 audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_mpeg1video: FFMPEG MPEG-1 video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_mpeg2video: FFMPEG MPEG-2 video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_h261: FFMPEG H.261 video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_h263: FFMPEG H.263 video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_h263p: FFMPEG H.263 (P) video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_flv: FFMPEG FLV video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_rv10: FFMPEG Realvideo 1.0 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_rv20: FFMPEG Realvideo 2.0 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_mpeg4: FFMPEG MPEG-4 compatible video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_msmpeg4v1: FFMPEG Microsoft MPEG-4 v1 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_msmpeg4v2: FFMPEG Microsoft MPEG-4 v2 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_msmpeg4: FFMPEG Microsoft MPEG-4 v3 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_wmv1: FFMPEG Windows Media Video v7 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_wmv2: FFMPEG Windows Media Video v8 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_svq1: FFMPEG Sorensen-1 video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_mjpeg: FFMPEG Motion-JPEG encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_ljpeg: FFMPEG Lossless JPEG encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_png: FFMPEG PNG image encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_ppm: FFMPEG PPM image encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_pgm: FFMPEG PGM image encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_pgmyuv: FFMPEG PGM-YUV image encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_pbm: FFMPEG PBM image encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_pam: FFMPEG PAM image encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_huffyuv: FFMPEG Huffyuv lossless video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_ffvhuff: FFMPEG FFMPEG non-compliant Huffyuv video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_asv1: FFMPEG Asus video v1 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_asv2: FFMPEG Asus video v2 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_ffv1: FFMPEG FFMpeg video v1 encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_snow: FFMPEG Snow wave video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_dvvideo: FFMPEG Digital video encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_sonic: FFMPEG Sonic audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_sonicls: FFMPEG Sonic lossless audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_ima_qt: FFMPEG IMA/Quicktime ADPCM audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_ima_wav: FFMPEG IMA/DVI ADPCM audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_ima_dk3: FFMPEG IMA/DK3 ADPCM audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_ima_dk4: FFMPEG IMA/DK4 ADPCM encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_ima_ws: FFMPEG IMA/Westwood ADPCM audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_ima_smjpeg: FFMPEG IMA/SMJPEG ADPCM audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_ms: FFMPEG Microsoft ADPCM audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_4xm: FFMPEG 4-XM ADPCM audio encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_xa: FFMPEG CD-ROM XA ADPCM encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_adx: FFMPEG ADX ADPCM encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_ea: FFMPEG Electronic Arts ADPCM encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_g726: FFMPEG G.726 ADPCM encoder
ffmpeg:  ffenc_adpcm_ct: FFMPEG CT ADPCM encoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_ppm: FFMPEG PPM image decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_pgm: FFMPEG PGM image decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_pgmyuv: FFMPEG PGM-YUV image decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_pbm: FFMPEG PBM image decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_pam: FFMPEG PAM image decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_h263: FFMPEG H.263 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_h261: FFMPEG H.261 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mpeg4: FFMPEG MPEG-4 compatible video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_msmpeg4v1: FFMPEG Microsoft MPEG-4 v1 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_msmpeg4v2: FFMPEG Microsoft MPEG-4 v2 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_msmpeg4: FFMPEG Microsoft MPEG-4 v3 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_wmv1: FFMPEG Windows Media Video v7 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_wmv2: FFMPEG Windows Media Video v8 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_h263i: FFMPEG H.263 (I) video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_flv: FFMPEG FLV video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_rv10: FFMPEG Realvideo 1.0 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_rv20: FFMPEG Realvideo 2.0 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_svq1: FFMPEG Sorensen-1 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_svq3: FFMPEG Sorensen-3 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_wmav1: FFMPEG Windows Media Audio v7 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_wmav2: FFMPEG Windows Media Audio v8/9 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_indeo3: FFMPEG Indeo-3 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_camtasia: FFMPEG Techsmith Camtasia video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_ultimotion: FFMPEG Ultimotion video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_qdraw: FFMPEG Applet Quickdraw video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_xl: FFMPEG Miro VideoXL decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_qpeg: FFMPEG QPEG video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mpeg2video: FFMPEG MPEG-2 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mpegvideo: FFMPEG MPEG-2 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_dvvideo: FFMPEG Digital video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mjpeg: FFMPEG Motion-JPEG decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mjpegb: FFMPEG Quicktime Motion-JPEG B decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_sp5x: FFMPEG Sp5x-like JPEG decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_png: FFMPEG PNG image decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mp3: FFMPEG MPEG-1 layer 3 audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mace3: FFMPEG MACE-3 audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mace6: FFMPEG MACE-6 audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_huffyuv: FFMPEG Huffyuv lossless video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_ffvhuff: FFMPEG FFMPEG non-compliant Huffyuv video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_ffv1: FFMPEG FFMpeg video v1 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_snow: FFMPEG Snow wave video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_cyuv: FFMPEG CYUV lossless video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_h264: FFMPEG H.264 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_vp3: FFMPEG VP3 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_theora: FFMPEG Theora video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_asv1: FFMPEG Asus video v1 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_asv2: FFMPEG Asus video v2 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_vcr1: FFMPEG ATI VCR-1 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_cljr: FFMPEG Cirrus Logipak AccuPak video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_4xm: FFMPEG 4-XM video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mdec: FFMPEG Playstation MDEC video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_roqvideo: FFMPEG ID/RoQ video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_interplayvideo: FFMPEG Interplay video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_xan_wc3: FFMPEG XAN Wing Commander 3 video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_rpza: FFMPEG Apple RPZA video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_cinepak: FFMPEG Cinepak video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_msrle: FFMPEG Microsoft RLE video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_msvideo1: FFMPEG Microsoft video v1 decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_vqavideo: FFMPEG Westwood VQA video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_idcinvideo: FFMPEG ID Quake II CIN video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_8bps: FFMPEG Quicktime planar 8bps video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_smc: FFMPEG Quicktime SMC graphics video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_flic: FFMPEG FLIC animation video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_truemotion1: FFMPEG Duck Truemotion video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_vmdvideo: FFMPEG Sierra VMD video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_vmdaudio: FFMPEG Sierra VMD audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_mszh: FFMPEG Lossless MSZH video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_zlib: FFMPEG Lossless zlib video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_sonic: FFMPEG Sonic audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_real_144: FFMPEG Realaudio 14k4bps decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_real_288: FFMPEG Realaudio 28k8bps decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_roq_dpcm: FFMPEG RoQ DPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_interplay_dpcm: FFMPEG Interplay DPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_xan_dpcm: FFMPEG XAN DPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_sol_dpcm: FFMPEG SOL DPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_qtrle: FFMPEG Quicktime RLE animation video decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_flac: FFMPEG FLAC lossless audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_ima_qt: FFMPEG IMA/Quicktime ADPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_ima_wav: FFMPEG IMA/DVI ADPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_ima_dk3: FFMPEG IMA/DK3 ADPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_ima_dk4: FFMPEG IMA/DK4 ADPCM decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_ima_ws: FFMPEG IMA/Westwood ADPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_ima_smjpeg: FFMPEG IMA/SMJPEG ADPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_ms: FFMPEG Microsoft ADPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_4xm: FFMPEG 4-XM ADPCM audio decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_xa: FFMPEG CD-ROM XA ADPCM decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_adx: FFMPEG ADX ADPCM decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_ea: FFMPEG Electronic Arts ADPCM decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_g726: FFMPEG G.726 ADPCM decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdec_adpcm_ct: FFMPEG CT ADPCM decoder
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_mpeg: FFMPEG MPEG PS format demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_mpegts: FFMPEG MPEG2 transport stream format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_mpegts: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_mp3: FFMPEG MPEG audio demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_rm: FFMPEG rm format demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_asf: FFMPEG asf format demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_avi: FFMPEG avi format demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_wav: FFMPEG wav format demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_swf: FFMPEG Flash format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_swf: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_au: FFMPEG SUN AU Format demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_gif: FFMPEG gif format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_gif: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_mov_mp4_m4a_3gp: FFMPEG QuickTime/MPEG4 format demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_dv: FFMPEG DV video format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_dv: dv,dif
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_4xm: FFMPEG 4X Technologies format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_4xm: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_flv: FFMPEG flv format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_flv: flv
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_psxstr: FFMPEG Sony Playstation STR format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_psxstr: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_RoQ: FFMPEG Id RoQ format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_RoQ: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_ipmovie: FFMPEG Interplay MVE format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_ipmovie: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_wc3movie: FFMPEG Wing Commander III movie format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_wc3movie: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_wsaud: FFMPEG Westwood Studios audio format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_wsaud: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_wsvqa: FFMPEG Westwood Studios VQA format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_wsvqa: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_film_cpk: FFMPEG Sega FILM/CPK format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_film_cpk: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_idcin: FFMPEG Id CIN format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_idcin: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_flic: FFMPEG FLI/FLC animation format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_flic: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_vmd: FFMPEG Sierra VMD format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_vmd: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_yuv4mpegpipe: FFMPEG YUV4MPEG pipe format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_yuv4mpegpipe: yuv4mpeg
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_ffm: FFMPEG ffm format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_ffm: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_nut: FFMPEG nut format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_nut: nut
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_matroska: FFMPEG Matroska file format demuxer
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_sol: FFMPEG Sierra SOL Format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_sol: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_ea: FFMPEG Electronic Arts Multimedia Format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_ea: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_nsv: FFMPEG NullSoft Video format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_nsv: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_rtsp: FFMPEG RTSP input format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_rtsp: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_redir: FFMPEG Redirector format demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_redir: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffdemux_sdp: FFMPEG SDP demuxer
ffmpeg: fftype_sdp: no extensions
ffmpeg:  ffcolorspace: FFMPEG Colorspace converter
ogg:  oggdemux: ogg demuxer
ogg:  oggmux: ogg muxer
ogg:  ogmaudioparse: OGM audio stream parser
ogg:  ogmvideoparse: OGM video stream parser
rmdemux:  rmdemux: RealMedia Demuxer
timeoverlay:  timeoverlay: Time Overlay
navigationtest:  navigationtest: Video Filter Template
videoflip:  videoflip: Video Flipper
avi:  avidemux: Avi demuxer
avi:  avimux: Avi multiplexer
asf:  asfdemux: ASF Demuxer
asf:  asfmux: Asf multiplexer
qtdemux:  qtdemux: QuickTime Demuxer
mixmatrix:  mixmatrix: Mixing Matrix
musepack:  musepackdec: Musepack decoder
cdxaparse:  cdxaparse: .dat parser
cdxaparse:  cdxastrip: vcd parser
wavparse:  wavparse: .wav demuxer
matroska:  matroskademux: Matroska demuxer
matroska:  matroskamux: Matroska muxer
gstcoreelements:  queue: Queue
gstcoreelements:  thread: Threaded container
gstcoreelements:  pipeline: Pipeline object
gstcoreelements:  bin: Generic bin
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these plugins are missing (i think this is the problem)

gstaudioconvert: audioconvert: Audio Conversion
gstaudioconvert: buffer-frames-convert: buffer-frames conversion

see in the test where we invoked audioconvert

that's interesting if it works osssrc to osssink

gstreamer never fails to confuse


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