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2004 Members Choice Awards This forum is for the 2004 Members Choice Awards.
You can now vote for your favorite products of 2004. This is your chance to be heard! Voting closes on February 3rd.


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Old 02-07-2005, 01:04 PM   #31
LQ Newbie
Registered: Jun 2003
Location: Oklahoma
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Originally posted by digiot
AmaroK's KDE-specific isn't it? xmms has been kinda coasting for awhile but it plays on anything. Didn't stop Konqueror (blech) from winning file manager and so on, but being desktop-specific can't help.
AmaroK is far better than anything you will find on the Gnome platform (or Windows or OSX for that matter.) If you (or anyone) is not using applications simply because of the toolkit used to build it then you are only hurting yourself (and the OS community.)
Old 02-07-2005, 06:33 PM   #32
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Originally posted by s1ider
AmaroK is far better than anything you will find on the Gnome platform (or Windows or OSX for that matter.) If you (or anyone) is not using applications simply because of the toolkit used to build it then you are only hurting yourself (and the OS community.)
If you think
1) that a simple mathematical extrapolation of 'restricted user base = fewer users to vote' is an attack
2) that I'd run anything Gnome-specific any more than I would something KDE-specific
3) that it would be relevant either way
4) that a desktop equals a toolkit
5) that KDE and amaroK are required apps in Linux
6) that your self-inflicted wounds regarding your feelings equal my hurting anyone or anything else
then you are sadly mistaken six times over.
Old 02-07-2005, 07:21 PM   #33
LQ Newbie
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Who wins?

We all do. And the grand prize is freedom of choice!

Look at all the choices we have. I can choose what I like and you can choose what you like.

Instead of Mr. Bill telling us what we must use.
Old 02-07-2005, 07:23 PM   #34
LQ Newbie
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I just noticed that there are no gnome-based applications in that winner's list. Am I missing something?

Not complaining, I am a KDE user.

Old 02-07-2005, 08:22 PM   #35
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Re: 2004 Members Choice Award Winners Announced

Originally posted by jeremy
The polls are closed and the results are in for the 2004 Members Choice Awards. I'd like to congratulate each and every nominee. Winners will be receiving an email in the next 48 hours or so and will be able to pick their award up at LinuxWorld. We'll also be sending out small logo's that can be put up.

Distribution of the Year - Slackware (19.36%)
File Manager of the Year - Konqueror (30.59%)
Messaging App of the Year - Gaim (56.00%)

I expected Distro to be Gentoo, File manager to be ROX and Messaging App aMSN, but people vote, so here are the winners. Congratulations to them for the good work
Old 02-08-2005, 04:59 AM   #36
Registered: Aug 2003
Location: London, England
Distribution: Slackware 10.2
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hey Jemery

i mean its all a wonderful incentive - to have these prizes and all

but a *lot* of applications were missing -
i'd suggest next year we all have a more complete listing of all applications on each category

that will also encourage people to revive an otherwise slow project?

take amaya for instance - a true WYSIWYG Html editor but people don't know about that.

take Hancom Office applications and those of Softmaker
Textmaker offers much better Word compatibility than OpenOffice.
but was not even mentioned.

I am not shouting "Foul!!" or anything like that, please.
I am equally happy whoever wins.

But I am personally *not* happy that so many applications were left out
- even when a few users were shouting for their inclusion.

How can the Linux software industry progress (and other open source projects?)

We should let people know that there are many more apps out there - than the usual "KGizmo" or "gFooBar".

Lastly , many companies stopped producing a Linux application because of such lack of interest.
Lack of interest does *not* necessarily correlate to how good or bad an app is.
Maybe they are really bad at marketting and advertising - that can happen with software houses.

So we should do the advertising for them - be it commercial or open-source - that shouldn't matter.
All to expand the myriad of great choices offered to the Linux user.

I am trying to fight this feeling - but I can't help feeling very down.

.. No its not because my favourite whatever-app didn't win
but because many other people's favourites was not even listed
- and that is wrong, I am sorry but it is.

Last edited by henryg; 02-08-2005 at 10:32 AM.
Old 02-09-2005, 08:11 PM   #37
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Location: Torreón, Coahuila, México
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Well no surprises here, but I'm curious... Firefox only 70something? Should be 100% why r u ppl wasting time with other browsers?
Old 02-10-2005, 05:13 AM   #38
Registered: Nov 2003
Distribution: gentoo
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Here is my biased opinion

Browser of the Year - Firefox (77.12%) [100% agree]
Distribution of the Year - Slackware (19.36%) [That is weird - i think
unbuntu came out of the nowhere and took a lot of press room]
LiveCD Distribution of the Year - Knoppix (57.69%) [ED: here i think
unbuntu is the best]
Database of the Year - MySQL (53.51%) [Wish firebird won on this]
Desktop Environment of the Year - KDE (58.25%) [KDE ? omg gnome rocks
the desktop - Unbuntu , Suse , redhat fedora ...]
Window Manager of the Year - Fluxbox (31.14%) [Ok no comments ]
Office Suite of the Year - (84.85%) [No alternative yet
or do we ? I started using AbiWord and gnumeric and they rock and they
are fast!]
Word Processor of the Year - oowriter (63.75%) [Abi? maybe ]
Spreadsheet of the Year - oocalc (57.57%) [Slow]
Audio Multimedia Application of the Year - XMMS (45.83%) [I started
using ryhtmbox and is simple without so many skinns ]
Video Multimedia Application of the Year - mplayer (49.85%) [Totem
installed with the distro and works on all! moovies ]
Security App of the Year - nmap (37.14%) [agree]
Hardening App of the Year - SELinux (68.65%) [ok i'm using lids]
Editor of the Year - vi/vim (36.37%) [Eclipse]
Web Development Editor of the Year - Quanta (50.88%) [Who the hack is
using that : nvu is the only dw alternative i use on linux/windows]
IDE of the Year - Kdevelop (37.77%) [Hhahhahahah, Why don't we use
Eclipse - the mother of all ides]
Mail Client of the Year - Thunderbird (47.60%) [agree]
Open Source Game of the Year - Frozen Bubble (25.52%) [ok]
Commercial Game of the Year - UT2004 (38.86%)[ok]
Windows on Linux App of the Year - Wine (42.59%) [ok]
File Manager of the Year - Konqueror (30.59%) [mc]
Messaging App of the Year - Gaim (56.00%) [OK]
Graphics App of the Year - GIMP (72.82%) [ok]
MTA of the Year - PostFix (45.57%) [exim it has support for firebird and other databases]
Old 02-10-2005, 07:02 AM   #39
LQ Guru
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Distribution of the Year - Slackware (19.36%) [That is weird - i think
unbuntu came out of the nowhere and took a lot of press room]
this poll was for the users who are memebers of LQ!!

maybe we do not have so much ubuntu users here .and slackware is really good ,

i will be trying out ubuntu next,heard a lot about it

Old 02-11-2005, 12:13 PM   #40
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Location: Missouri
Distribution: Slackware
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I tried Ubuntu and it was a painless install for a minimal workstation setup but I couldn't do much with adding applications because the libraries and development packages I'm used to weren't there. So I went right back to Slack which has never let me down and is just as good a desktop in my opion.
The only package that I use regularly that did not take 1st place is PostgreSQL. My thanks go out to all the developers, programmers, and everyday people that have given us such a fantastic selection of free and open source software to run on the best OS that ever was (and I started with CPM on an old Kaypro).
Old 02-14-2005, 06:52 AM   #41
Registered: Jul 2004
Location: /home/mikezila
Distribution: Slackware
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Originally posted by XavierP
No real surprises there. Congrats to the winners, commiserations to the ones who didn't win.
Old 02-14-2005, 11:50 AM   #42
LQ Newbie
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Well since KDE has been more popular over the past few years I think that explains why KDE applications are more popular. My favorite distro for awhile was Mandrake because I didn't know a lot about linux and all the other ones were a pain to set up and get working. Red Hat was alright but I really disliked GNOME at the time and it cost money like Suse (I didn't mind paying some, but I wanted to try out a whole bunch of different distributions).

Well recently I began testing other distributions again, and while I was kind of liking Fedora, some things were a little more difficult to set up, like nvidia drivers (which I need for graphics programming). But then I found Ubuntu and I must say it is my new favorite. Not only is it good, the package system is debian based which is better than rpm, and it's totally free (like slackware which does do a good job, but slackware is just too much of a pain to set up for me).

As far as Ubuntu not having a whole bunch of packages, that's not entirely true. Yes the Ubuntu packages (basically those sanctioned by Ubuntu), are limited. But they have other mirrors that are simple to add on (especially in the newer distro 'Hoary', not yet released though there are preview releases floating around). And working with synaptic just rocks.

Amoroke for me was always sort of buggy, and I've had far fewer problems with RhythmBox, and sound in general under GNOME. One thing I like about Ubuntu is the consistency of the look, which I couldn't get from Mandrake because I liked running Gaim and Firefox, and using the plastic theme didn't mesh well (yes I know theres a Firefox-plastic theme). Well Ubuntu needs a little work still, but updates come often and I usually update my system just about every day. It's like running a bleeding edge debian (very nice).

I really do hope more people support GNOME (or maybe just GTK). People talk about freedom of choice, but with segregation it takes longer to create masterful pieces of software. And then if a great application is made for one platform (GTK or QT or ?), then more libraries have to be installed, which means more hands in the mix, which means there is potential for more trouble (yes, I'm a programmer). I've always had a hard time of choosing GTK or QT, QT has a nice designer but GTK is truly free. But with less platforms I think there would be much better applications and a lot more consistency. Well, I just wanted to share some thoughts, anyone else?
Old 02-14-2005, 10:01 PM   #43
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Location: Kinross, Western Australia
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Well well well...

Looks like i'll need to try KDE again... maybe i'll make more of an effort to make it look smooth and nice as opposed to jagged, shiny and abrupt this time. I'm kinda surprised at Slackware, but again I'll agree it seems to be a good distrobution. Still- this is why linux is so great- no matter what your tastes, there's always a flavour for you. And if you still don't like one, you can always create your own!

Firefox only got 77%? CMON PEOPLE! What, are you still browsing with your file manager here? :P
Old 02-15-2005, 03:57 AM   #44
Registered: Sep 2001
Location: The Netherlands
Distribution: Ubuntu 4.10
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Ubuntu in the polls

The reason that Ubuntu did not score well in this linuxnewbie forum is:

1) Ubuntu works so good that ubuntu users don't come into this place.
2) In case of problems, the ubuntu forum works much better than this one.

(just teasing....)
Old 02-15-2005, 05:21 AM   #45
Registered: Apr 2002
Location: Philippines
Distribution: Slackware 10.2
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Originally posted by Lobais
Just some discussions , but what has slackware that other distros haven't?
the feel that you have total control of your box!


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