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    Latest News about EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS

    The link you are referring to ( is from 2010.

    This is the correct link now:

    But thanks for your report. I see now that the word DOWNLOAD is also a link. To the version from 2010 as you said. (It's changed now).
    Posted 06-29-2014 at 02:29 PM by exton exton is offline
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    Latest News about EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS

    Yes sir.

    The oart of the page where Download is spelled out and is a hot link.

    I am letting you know this/posting in uzbl browser so copy and paste are limited in this browser.

    Edit: tested in Iceweseal 24.6 middle link I posted that I got from your page for the Download. Right click "save as"

    error still comes up so I am not sure about where you mention The Download link works for you.
    Maybe a country filter? I have the multiboot iso already and md5sum checks out OK so I am just posting info for the multiboot site page Download link I used. Which maybe others may think is a valid Download link also in Texas, USA. That was why I posted the server link I found with a search later on. Hope it helps you out. I am a great admirer of your work,

    Happy Trails, rok.
    Posted 06-29-2014 at 01:04 PM by rokytnji rokytnji is offline
    Updated 06-29-2014 at 01:18 PM by rokytnji
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    Latest News about EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS


    Thanks, but you must have found an old site or one not edited by me. The download link at works.

    Do you remember where you found the faulty download link?
    Posted 06-29-2014 at 10:23 AM by exton exton is offline
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    Latest News about EXTON Linux MultiBootCD 6-OS

    Server not found

    Firefox can't find the server at
    wget said

    $ wget
    --2014-06-15 13:01:24--
    Resolving ( failed: Name or service not known.
    wget: unable to resolve host address `'
    Funny part was I got the md5sum text file OK through Firefox download.
    Just letting you know.

    Edit: Since site download button did not work for ISO. Further research lead me to

    which works for my area of Texas.
    Posted 06-15-2014 at 12:02 PM by rokytnji rokytnji is offline
    Updated 06-16-2014 at 07:25 PM by rokytnji
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    A new version of DebEX Barebone 64bit “Jessie” is ready!

    Subscribed. I have tinkered with your live CruxEX before.

    Just a Linux biker. I might try this on my Chromebook Acer C710 on SD flash class 10 after doing Developer mode first . That is why I subscribed.
    Posted 05-12-2014 at 11:36 PM by rokytnji rokytnji is offline
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    Exton|OS 64 bit Live DVD with Mate 1.6.2 and kernel 3.13.0-9-exton

    NEWS 140304
    A new version of Exton|OS is ready. I have corrected some minor errors in the first version from 140225.
    Posted 03-03-2014 at 04:49 PM by exton exton is offline
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    Why use Linux?

    I use linux first and foremost because IT'S MY COMPUTER
    MY COMPUTER dose not belong to M$ it's MY COMPUTER
    If I want it updated I will update MY COMPUTER
    I got feed up with the M$ attitude that I was a guest on MY COMPUTER the first day
    and because linux is fun
    Posted 02-21-2014 at 01:26 PM by rob.rice rob.rice is offline
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    Why use Linux?

    The ability to play with my system is what I enjoy most. I am not an advanced user, I do not get into server stuff as I do not have to, I don't use it for work. Linux to me is easy to use, I can change it to get done what I need to, how I need to. I'm not being forced to do things a specific way. I can always change that again.

    I can play with it. I can make it mine.

    It's also usually easy to fix if I break it. No digging out a limited rescue utility offered by company X to pretty much have to reinstall everything.
    Posted 02-17-2014 at 11:29 AM by goumba goumba is offline
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    Why use Linux?

    You got that right in one!!!!! Except for the part about having to go to recovery mode. That stinks, but it's the price for too much fun.
    Posted 02-17-2014 at 10:33 AM by vmccord vmccord is offline
  10. Old Comment
    Posted 01-11-2014 at 06:48 PM by Nbiser Nbiser is offline
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    ExTiX 14 has now (131230) advanced to place 7 on Distrowatch.coms popularity list for the past seven days. (The listing of the 100 currently most "popular" Linux systems).
    Posted 12-30-2013 at 07:11 AM by exton exton is offline
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    Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.12.1!

    You got me worried so I simply had to check my kernel on a new Slackware 14.1 installation. Worked perfectly (as I assumed). This is my lilo.conf file.

    # LILO configuration file
    # generated by 'liloconfig'
    # Start LILO global section
    # Append any additional kernel parameters:
    append=" vt.default_utf8=0"
    boot = /dev/sda
    #compact # faster, but won't work on all systems.

    # Boot BMP Image.
    # Bitmap in BMP format: 640x480x8
    bitmap = /boot/slack.bmp
    # Menu colors (foreground, background, shadow, highlighted
    # foreground, highlighted background, highlighted shadow):
    bmp-colors = 255,0,255,0,255,0
    # Location of the option table: location x, location y, number of
    # columns, lines per column (max 15), "spill" (this is how many
    # entries must be in the first column before the next begins to
    # be used. We don't specify it here, as there's just one column.
    bmp-table = 60,6,1,16
    # Timer location x, timer location y, foreground color,
    # background color, shadow color.
    bmp-timer = 65,27,0,255

    # Standard menu.
    # Or, you can comment out the bitmap menu above and
    # use a boot message with the standard menu:
    #message = /boot/boot_message.txt

    # Wait until the timeout to boot (if commented out, boot the
    # first entry immediately):
    # Timeout before the first entry boots.
    # This is given in tenths of a second, so 600 for every minute:
    timeout = 1200
    # Override dangerous defaults that rewrite the partition table:
    # Normal VGA console
    vga = normal
    # Ask for video mode at boot (time out to normal in 30s)
    #vga = ask
    # VESA framebuffer console @ 1024x768x64k
    # VESA framebuffer console @ 1024x768x32k
    # VESA framebuffer console @ 1024x768x256
    # VESA framebuffer console @ 800x600x64k
    # VESA framebuffer console @ 800x600x32k
    # VESA framebuffer console @ 800x600x256
    # VESA framebuffer console @ 640x480x64k
    # VESA framebuffer console @ 640x480x32k
    # VESA framebuffer console @ 640x480x256
    # End LILO global section
    # Linux bootable partition config begins
    image = /boot/vmlinuz-3.12.1-x86_64-exton
    root = /dev/sda1
    label = Linux
    # Linux bootable partition config ends

    Please note that I had to add "lba32". Otherwise one gets errors when running /sbin/lilo.

    Please note also that my kernel can be useful if you want to build your own live Slackware system with Linux live scripts.
    Posted 11-30-2013 at 05:32 AM by exton exton is offline
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    Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.12.1!

    No, I didn't, so maybe the download was at fault.
    Posted 11-29-2013 at 06:57 PM by 4436 4436 is offline
  14. Old Comment

    Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.12.1!

    Then your download of "my" kernel must have gone wrong. Did you check the zip-file with md5sum?
    Posted 11-29-2013 at 05:45 PM by exton exton is offline
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    Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.12.1!

    Thanks for your reply,
    I am running slackware 14.1. I made the appropriate change in lilo.conf and tried to boot. The booting process hung after the kernel was recognized.The boot process ran for a while and then stopped. The screen was filled with hieroglyphics and I don't remember the details. For my purposes this is a moot issue because I was able to install a bootable version of this kernel using the makefile that is found in the esting/source/ directory of the slackware 14.1 distribution.
    best wishes, jwc
    Posted 11-29-2013 at 12:28 PM by 4436 4436 is offline
  16. Old Comment

    Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.12.1!

    Which Slackware system do you have?

    What do you mean by "did not load"? What do you use as boot manager? (Grub Legacy, Grub2 or what?). For the kernel "to load" you must of course change your boot loader configuration.

    If you didn't get any error messages while installing the kernel it must work.
    Posted 11-29-2013 at 11:20 AM by exton exton is offline
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    Run your Slackware 64 bit system with the latest kernel – 3.12.1!

    I followed the above directions on an amd system and the kernel did lot load.
    Posted 11-27-2013 at 04:00 PM by 4436 4436 is offline
  18. Old Comment

    Yet another version of “The Ultimate Linux System”!

    "My" kernel,which is used in ExTiX 13 version 131109, can be downloaded and installed in all modern Debian 64 bit systems.

    Posted 11-14-2013 at 06:44 AM by exton exton is offline
  19. Old Comment

    A new version of CruxEX 3.0 64bit with LXDE and kernel 3.9.6-x86_64-exton

    I have tried and recommended your respins and can say they are quite good.

    Your site is also one of my bookmarks on all of my Linux installs. I would never have tried Crux or GentooEX if not for you. Sabayon, though very nice is a bit heavy for my
    older gear.

    You are a asset to the Linux community and I would bar hop with you on my motorcycle anytime and buy you the beers.
    Posted 07-02-2013 at 11:36 AM by rokytnji rokytnji is offline


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