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mathfeel 11-28-2006 10:38 PM

grep regexp question
I am trying to extract a column from a command-separated table. How do I use grep or egrep or sed or whatever tool to extract the text (unicode, contain Chinese character sometimes) between says, the n-th and the (n+1)-th comma?

finegan 11-28-2006 10:55 PM

You're looking for "cut" You can declare an arbitrary delimeter with -d.

Here's an example:


fin@sleepy:~$ cat foo
bob,jack, tom, ed
bob,  jack, tom, ed
bob,  jack, tom, ed
bob, mike, jack, tom, ed
bob, coffee,  jack, tom, ed

fin@sleepy:~$ cat foo | cut -d , -f2-3
jack, tom
  jack, tom
  jack, tom
 mike, jack
 coffee,  jack


fin@sleepy:~$ cat foo | cut -d , -f1-3
bob,jack, tom
bob,  jack, tom
bob,  jack, tom
bob, mike, jack
bob, coffee,  jack

Where -f controls the fields you want outputted.

Is that what you were lookin for?



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