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Dj Brimstone 04-05-2005 08:43 PM

Installing...I will update you on how it turns out, as soon as I know...

Dj Brimstone 04-05-2005 08:49 PM

I think it's working!! but should I use Xvesa, or Xfbdev? I'm pretty sure I should use the latter (frame buffering) but will it be good with my mouse? I have a little bud type thing in the center of my keyboard.

dping 04-05-2005 08:57 PM

Many of the older laptops prefer framebuffering. Try Xfbdev, if it doesn't work, then we can change to Xvesa from the command line.

The mouse *probably* has a standard interface. It should work with either.

Dj Brimstone 04-05-2005 09:08 PM

Thank you so much, seriously.. All of you, but specifically you, dping, you helped the most. I do still need help with the dialup configuration though.

dping 04-05-2005 09:15 PM

Linux has you... ;)

Have you looked through the "DSLpanel" on the desktop?
I have never set up dialup in dsl, so not much help there.

Have fun!

Dj Brimstone 04-05-2005 09:26 PM

I think I got it figured out...I'd like to thank you again, and add that this works better on my ol' OmniBook than it does on XP!! of course my xp doesnt have it on it's HD, but still. I'm glad. I'll be tappin away all night...

Dj Brimstone 04-05-2005 10:38 PM

Well, never mind. I didn't figure it out. I'll keep trying, i'll go to the DSL section and ask a couple questions, maybe I'll dig something up.

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