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sandbag 08-01-2003 11:11 PM

Lost Interrupt
Hello All:
I am working on installing Redhat Linux 7.0 onto my computer and during the installation process when Linux is looking through my drives(hda-hdd), I get an error on hdd that repeats "hdd: lost interrupt" over and over again.

Here's my computer specs:

Abit BP6 mobo
2 500Mhz Celeron Procs
3dfx Voodoo 3000 PCI card

Primary Master: 6 Gig IBM hd
Primary Slave: CD Burner (Ricoh)
Secondary Master: CD Drive (Pioneer)
Secondary Slave: Iomega Zip 100

I believe Linux lists these items as hda, hdb, hdc, and hdd. So I've figured that the Zip drive is the source for this error message. I've checked it already and it works fine. What can I do to get this install started?
_sandbag :newbie:

faheyd 08-02-2003 05:04 AM

For an easy answer, try a different RH version. Or try reading these, or .

sandbag 08-02-2003 11:18 PM

thx for the 411. I decided to unhook the IDE cable to the Zip drive and performed the install. The install went through perfectly and upon reboot, the system returned an "L" and a blinking cursor. I've reinstalled but I get the same response. Any ideas on what this problem is?

faheyd 08-03-2003 06:57 AM

For an easy answer, try a different RH version.

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