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aihaike 03-07-2014 10:53 PM

keyboard issue SONY VAIO
Dear all,

I'm running Slackware on a Sony Vaio ultrabook and after the installation I had to add

append=" vt.default_utf8=0 kbd-reset"
in lilo.conf in order to have the keyboard working.
It was working perfectly until some days ago when for some reason I have lost access to most of the key from boot stage. I can't even type "single".
The result is I can't login since just few key actually work.
I've just found however that hitting the Fn key allow me to get fully access to the keyboard.
The point is what is the cause of this and how to fix it.
Did someone have a similar experience?


insamniac 03-10-2014 08:47 PM

I'll have to confirm when I get home from work, but I put Debian on an old Vaio recently, and I thought there was a BIOS setting regarding the Fn key.

Of course that doesn't explain why the sudden change, unless your CMOS battery died and reverted to different settings or something..

aihaike 03-11-2014 01:23 AM

Hey Insamniac,

Thank you so much.
I checked the BIOS but did not find anything regarding the Fn key.
However, that fact to just get into the BIOS actually fixed the issue.
I have absolutely no idea about what was going wrong but it's solved.
Of course I'd happy to understand.
Thanks again,


insamniac 03-11-2014 11:31 PM

Haha, I'm glad I randomly popped on here for the first time in quite a while to provide an accidental solution. Glad to hear you got it sorted.

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