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One of the main goals of LQ is to help members get questions about Linux answered. One way we help facilitate this is with our "Zero Reply" functionality, which allows you to easily find threads with no replies. In the spirit of helping other LQ members and based on feedback from previous efforts, we've made the "Zero Reply Drive" a quarterly event here at LQ. The latest LQZRD starts at 12pm on January 16th and will run for 96 hours. During that time, I invite everyone to click and attempt to answer as many questions as they can. Visit for more information or to give us feedback on this event.

A reminder that voting for the 2011 Members Choice Awards is now open. The Members Choice Awards allow the Linux community to select their favorite products in a variety of categories. Awards will be given out in 31 categories this year, including Server Distribution of the Year, Desktop Distribution of the Year, Mobile Distribution of the Year, Database of the Year and Desktop Environment of the Year. The polls will close on February 9th. Visit for more information or to go right to the polls. Vote now and make sure your voice is heard.

Have you visited LQ ISO recently? We recently updated the homepage, which is now easier to navigate and contains additional information. The site has now facilitated over fifteen million Linux distribution downloads. With over 1,600 distribution versions available for download from almost 1,700 mirrors, LQ ISO is the place for Linux distribution downloads. Visit and start your download today.


GNU/Linux Basic

This 255-page guide will provide you with the keys to understand the philosophy of free software, teach you how to use and handle it, and give you the tools required to move easily in the world of GNU/Linux. Many users and administrators will be taking their first steps with this GNU/Linux Basic guide and it will show you how to approach and solve the problems you encounter.

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Title: "OpenSUSE 12.1 on an older Lenovo Thinkcentre S50 desktop" (Date Posted 01-15-2012 by Clived)
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Title: "Cron job supposed to run at 23:00, is running at 15:00?" (Date Posted 01-15-2012 by sneakyimp)
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Title: "I/O size fragmentation" (Date Posted 01-15-2012 by javor_nik)
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Title: "How can I purge files logarithmically by modification date (BASH)?" (Date Posted 01-15-2012 by gunnarflax)
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Title: "need to suppress nuisance output of xterm -Sccn" (Date Posted 01-15-2012 by ta0kira)
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Title: "bash shell script read file line by line." (Date Posted 01-20-2004 by Darren[UoW])
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Title: "Learn the DD command" (Date Posted 09-11-2005 by AwesomeMachine)
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Title: "What programs would you like to see ported to Linux?" (Date Posted 10-19-2003 by jeremy)
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Title: "MLB.TV in Linux" (Date Posted 04-06-2006 by Fugazi)
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Question: Would you use this if it worked for most distributions?
o 'Hell yes! ' (3 Votes)
o 'Naw it's dumb' (4 Votes)
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Question: Which one provides best security?
o 'SELinux ' (2 Votes)
o 'GRSecurity ' (0 Votes)
o 'AppArmor' (1 Votes)
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Question: Where do you compile your kernel?
o 'Home ' (6 Votes)
o '/usr/src ' (14 Votes)
o 'other' (2 Votes)
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Question: Media Center of the Year
o 'XBMC ' (29 Votes)
o 'Boxee ' (7 Votes)
o 'Google TV ' (3 Votes)
o 'Myth TV ' (21 Votes)
o 'Enna ' (0 Votes)
o 'Elisa ' (1 Votes)
o 'Entertainer' (0 Votes)
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Question: Open Source Web Framework of the Year
o 'Django ' (17 Votes)
o 'Ruby on Rails ' (13 Votes)
o 'CakePHP ' (1 Votes)
o 'Zend Framework ' (5 Votes)
o 'Symfony ' (0 Votes)
o 'Struts ' (0 Votes)
o 'Mason ' (0 Votes)
o 'Spring ' (1 Votes)
o 'web2py ' (0 Votes)
o 'Pylons ' (1 Votes)
o 'Merb ' (0 Votes)
o 'Sinatra ' (0 Votes)
o 'Grails ' (0 Votes)
o 'CodeIgniter ' (3 Votes)
o 'Cappuccino ' (0 Votes)
o 'Apache Wicket ' (1 Votes)
o 'Yii ' (4 Votes)
o 'Flask ' (1 Votes)
o 'Pyramid' (0 Votes)
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