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jeremy 12-30-2015 05:42 PM

IRC Client of the Year
A new category this year.


anticapitalista 12-30-2015 05:50 PM

I have been using irssi for years and see no reason to stop.

rokytnji 12-30-2015 05:52 PM

xchat. But I am not a heavy user.

Soderlund 12-31-2015 02:23 AM


sycamorex 12-31-2015 04:21 AM


273 12-31-2015 04:25 AM

Thank Jeremy, noce to see thos as a category. Had to vote XChat -- does the job nicely.

OnAironaut 01-06-2016 03:35 AM


mdbuerkle 01-07-2016 02:25 PM

Hi Jeremy,

when chatting nowadays, I use KVIrc. Can You add it, please?

Kind regards,

ChuangTzu 01-07-2016 03:50 PM


Myk267 01-11-2016 08:43 AM

I really like Konversation these days. The defaults are good, it supports proportional fonts, and it actually saves when you change things in the config UI and hit 'apply'.

lazydog 01-11-2016 09:13 AM

I'll second KVIrc.

jeremy 01-11-2016 10:36 AM

KVIrc has been added.


truecipher 01-13-2016 12:55 PM

irssi w/Screen from remote shell via SSh...

resuni 01-15-2016 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by truecipher (Post 5477610)
irssi w/Screen from remote shell via SSh...


Unless I'm on a Windows machine I don't regularly use, and I only need to jump in an IRC channel real quick. Then I lean towards HexChat. Otherwise, irssi gets my vote.

273 01-15-2016 03:15 PM

Thanks to those mentioning irssi -- I had used a command-line client which was overly complex for my needs and seemed tricky to set up but I just installed irssi and it just works.
I may have to vote for it next year.

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