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T.Hsu 01-31-2006 04:05 AM

Another vote for Quanta, any free Win32 equivalent?;)

progster 01-31-2006 08:46 AM -> trustudio's 'foundation' php plugin for eclipse :)

gunnix 01-31-2006 09:28 AM

I vote for vim.

cyent 01-31-2006 10:36 PM

emacs + xhtml.dtd + psgml.el + xml-mode

kesara 02-01-2006 06:06 AM

Nvu is great!

deoren 02-01-2006 07:24 AM

Not listed, but Kate is mine. :)

Orkie 02-01-2006 11:29 AM

Quanta is the most stable and feature-full one that I have used from that list. To say Nvu was rubbish would be a bit of an understatement...

diilbert 02-01-2006 02:14 PM

I prefer to code everything by hand... And use jEdit for all my web dev needs :)

sdexp 02-01-2006 03:16 PM

Nvu is nice; could use some improvements such as better PHP coding support

Emmanuel_uk 02-01-2006 03:55 PM

Would it be fair to list amaya as well?
Anyhow, if a newbie read this thread this will be one more idea to look at.

dcmoose 02-04-2006 08:23 AM

Quanta fer shure!
One more vote for Quanta.

segin 02-04-2006 08:50 AM

I do (g)vim all the way!

pyrosim 02-06-2006 11:24 PM

Kate, but bluefish makes an ok second. I never use it though.

Thetargos 02-07-2006 12:11 PM

I really like NVU, true it could use some improvements, especially in the code formatting area, but I really like it, and to refine all that I do with it, I use good ol' vim.

distantlyyours 02-10-2006 05:21 AM

I still haven't found anything designed to hasten the process of hand-coding better than Screem. Yet, nobody else seems to have mentioned it yet. Am I ignorant of Bluefish and Quanta developments in the past year? Or has no one else tried Screem yet?

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