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PCLinuxOS PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008
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7 63154 05-03-2010
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Description: For 2008, just as in 2006-2007, a minimal version of PCLinuxOS has been created prior to the creation of a full sized distribution. I think that makes good sense. You start with a core set of featues and build upon it.

PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008 is the next release to follow this strategy. How does it fare? Very well. The new graphics in the 2008 versions once again show that the community has some real talent and creativity. The performance, ease of use, and reliability of the product match the skill level of the graphic artists. Texstar has always been known as an excellent packager. His reputation back in the easy_urpmi days with Mandrake has continued with PCLinuxOS, and those who have joined the effort in the community match his skill. The end result is that this is a very effective Live CD. It is not the smallest Live CD. For that, look to DSL. It is not the most functional Live CD. For that look to KNOPPIX or something huge like OpenSUSE or Ubuntu. What this offers is a very good blend of practical working applications. I would opt for something else, either the main PCLinuxOS or SimplyMEPIS for a full featured but simple desktop to install to disk. But if you want something a bit more minimal in capabilities, yet solid and capable of consistently doing the job, then this release may be just perfect for you. I really enjoyed using it as a Live CD and I now have it as a solid part of my Live CD collection.
Keywords: Live Easy simple fast PCLinuxOS MiniMe

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Old 05-10-2008, 11:16 AM   #1
Registered: May 2003
Distribution: Debian, Mint, Slackware
Posts: 457

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Pros: less hype than ubuntu, small .iso, customizable, apt-get, up to date, multimedia ready
Cons: two application freeze ups, otherwise nothing. Won't gain any "l33t" points with this one children!

This distribution is comparable to the likes of Ubuntu or openSuse. Very desktop oriented and easy to work with. While it does not have as many packages as some, it has everything that would be needed for the casual linux user who wants either a desktop or server setup.
Since it was based from what Mandriva has to offer, the package manager of choice for the .rpm packages is apt-get. I couldn't be happier about that.
I come from 7+ years of working with Slackware Debian and *BSD for everything. PCLinuxOS is a great choice for someone like me who still loves to hack and tinker, but wants something else for his own home system to be able to just sit down to relax and do some graphic design work, web dev, or gaming.

The installation took less than 20 minutes, post install setup for drivers, devices, and multimedia took less than five.

Also be shure to check out the folder on the desktop which allows you to install the 3d ATI or nVidia driver, setup your network, maybe make you a pot of coffee too, you never know. Be shure to check out the KDE menu on how to make a bootable Live CD and USB stick as well. It's right in the K menu.

Overall it's a fun and simple no nonsense approach to a big eyecatching desktop full of fluff that you can choose to add on yourself or keep off and get to work.

Savage2 and Quake Wars are a suggeston. You know, just to kind of round out the system overall.
Old 05-28-2008, 06:00 PM   #2
Gagarin Gambit
Registered: Apr 2008
Distribution: PCLinuxOS, Bodhi
Posts: 14

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Pros: See text
Cons: See text

Though I was an "advanced" user under Windows, I am new at the world of Linux and PCLinuxOS MiniMe is my first distro. I'm using it for a month now and I'm absolutely excited with it! Let me explain in detail.

- Ideal for customization.
This distribution includes only the most essential applications (like Konqueror) - the rest will be set up from the user, according to his or her needs. This makes it ideal for experienced Linux users, or even novices who know exactly what they want, to set up their own compact customized system.
- Suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
PCLinuxOS is known as one of the "easiest" distributions, and it's indeed very friendly for beginners. However, it's more powerful than other "easy" distro. It includes a control centre (with originates in Mandriva) that allows to configure graphically almost every aspect of the system. More important, by default it gives the option to log in as a root. As I've read in another review of PCLinuxOS, it's "a power user's tool".
- Tool to create a remastered live DVD or USB.
This tool was also available in previous PCLinuxOS through the Konsole, but now it even easier to use since it has a graphic interface. That's the ideal way to backup your entire customized system, and you can even take it with you and use it any computer!
- Lighting fast.
PCLinuxOS MiniMe takes less than a minute to start in my Pentium IV 3Ghz desktop and it shuts off within 30 seconds. Most applications also start within a couple of seconds or less.

Cons (sort of...)
- No localization
PCLinuxOS is English only, though you can download other language packs for KDE.
- No "out of the box" multimedia.
Since MiniMe includes only the most basic applications/libraries, there's no audio/video player and codecs installed, unlike the other PCLinuxOS versions. Of course this can change easily through Synaptic. However, the point is customization, and I guess that there are many Linux users who have no use of any multimedia anyway.
- Lack of funds/stable release cycle
In contrast to Fedora or Ubuntu, who have lots of funds and full time employs, the PCLinuxOS development team is a group of hobbists with no resources other than the donations. This means that the release cycle is unstable, and there's no kind of "professional" help. But don't think that the OS itself lacks a professional approach! In my opinion, this development style is an advantage: PCLinuxOS is a community driven distro, and the people involved do excellent work. There may not be any "official" support, but the forums provide friendly and accurate answers to any problem. You may even find yourself getting tips from Texstar, the chief developer of PCLinuxOS!
Old 10-05-2008, 11:53 AM   #3
Registered: Feb 2003
Distribution: PCLinuxOS
Posts: 485

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Pros: Good OS but minimal software - great if you want to pick your own
Cons: Good OS but minimal software - not so good if you are inexperienced

PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008 was intended as an interim release aimed at experienced users. In that sense it does its job. In some respects it's a little like installing that "other" operating system in that it's just an OS and you have to add the programs you want.

However Synaptic makes it easy, and the remaster feature gives the opportunity to build up your own set of software and create a live CD/DVD to install on other machines.

If you can understand enough English (or "wing it" a little) you can add support for other languages from the repositories, not just for KDE but also basic system locales.

If you have been around Linux long enough to know the names of packages you need to install, then this is strongly recommended. Great for system building etc, I've used it to get PCLinuxOS installed and working on an eeePC900, for example.

I will not enter a rating here so as not to disturb the average, as I feel this variant of PCLinuxOS has been a 10 for me but is not for everyone.
Old 11-02-2008, 10:31 AM   #4
Registered: Jun 2008
Distribution: PCLinuxOS
Posts: 38

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Would you recommend the product? yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10

Pros: Plenty, See the text
Cons: few minor glitches by now, nothing serious though...

I was a wizz under a Windows now I am fresh meat at Linux and PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008 is one of my first distros. I'm using it for a good 6 months now and I'm absolutely thrilled with it! Why?

- Works great (better than windows 2000) on older laptops like my Dell Latitude D600 (512 MB RAM) and IBM Thinkpad 600E (128 MB OF RAM !!!). I even got the dreadful isa soundcard working on it which for me as a fresh meat is quite a success.

- I was kind of terrified when booted up and found out that it lacks most of the known software. No need for this at all. Synaptic package manager solves every problem. Its so full of repos I was able to build what I wanted and when I wanted and after a while I got to the point when I understood why this is good. You dont need/use it? Dont install it. Its a problem with massive distros. Everything is there. But for what I ask? Yes its true. Without the internet you are bit trapped but the you can always use PCLOS 2007 which has everything you need and more.

- Newbies - this distro is for you. I got my 3 laptops connected to ad-hoc network. I am sharing internet connection between all my machines. I have vnc server, printer server, smb and nfs file sharing done. Internet connection? Thats cool now. Threepay mobile phone connected to my dell laptop via bluetooth and dialuped with kppp :). I get the internet enywhere in Ireland for less then 10 euro per 1 GB download :D.

- Advanced users - this distro is also for you. Whatever you need you can customize this tiny devil for your need and I bet if you will enjoy it when you will try it.
- Easy to backup with remaster gui software to cd/dvd or pendrive

- Do you know why I stayed with a distro that terrified me in first place?

1) Speed
2) Graphics - somebody really is an artist here
3) Really massive and advance customization options.

This are only few of the pros. And belive me there are more to be discovered.

For me by now there is no better distro I could use and belive me I have tried a loadz of them.

I am polish but if you want to be able to learn anything about the computers/hardware/software/OS you need to learn english cause most of the software/howto/manuals/specifications are written in english. If you are seriously thinking about becoming linux user you better get yourself a dictionary cause waiting for somebody to translate it for you... its just being lazy. My english is not perfect but it does the job and takes me where I want to go so even if the distro is in english only I can handle it.

Good Luck

Old 11-04-2008, 10:57 AM   #5
Registered: Mar 2004
Distribution: Multiple. Depends on my mood.
Posts: 9

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Would you recommend the product? yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10

Pros: Minimal apps
Cons: codecs are a pain

Just my two cents. Not much to add to the other reviews.
If you're a user like me who likes to dabble with different distros, this is a great one to play with.

My stable OS was PCLinuxOS-2007, but I've now switched to MiniMe. As the name suggests, it's minimal, but that's perfect for me. Not too much software that I don't want or need. Just basic stuff. Everything runs faster and I can add what I feel I need.

Yes, you have to add codecs for multimedia and yes, it's a pain in the rear. But, that's the only bad thing in this whole release.

In short, it's a great barebones OS. Try it, you'll like it!

Oh, and the admin tools and the way they are set up are second to none. The main reason I stay with PCLinuxOS is the tools and the way they are organized.
Old 02-01-2010, 06:46 AM   #6
Registered: Nov 2009
Distribution: ubuntu PClinuxOS PCBSD
Posts: 19

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Would you recommend the product? yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 4

Pros: Stable ,great built. package arrangement is superb
Cons: poor support for USB modems

PCLOS is failure when it come to supporting mobile broadband. I had a huawei ec325 modem which cannot be configured in PCLOS. I posted it in PCLOS official forums. I was not able to solve the problem. I regret my decison to switch to PCLOS. That decision was not a wise one. as my USBmodem worked flawlessly in ubuntu, linux mint and fedora.
if there is a hardware failure with the distro it can be kicked out. now i use ubuntu. i am not blaming any distro by this. i just want my devices to work in a matter which name it is. for the time being it works well in ubuntu. So naturally Ubuntu is my choice. I hopped back to ubuntu
Old 05-03-2010, 05:30 PM   #7
Registered: Sep 2006
Posts: 6

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Would you recommend the product? yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 8

Pros: works well plus reliable
Cons: no 64 bit and later versions have gone downhill

excellent miniature that you add to as required.

3d desktop works well as does samba.

overall about 1000 times better than windoze (any version)

friendly community

good monthly pdf magazine with hints, tips and tutorials.

for me the only h/w that it did not work with 100% was LifeView DTV (no sound) but that may have been due to the s/w rather than the os.

no problem at all with codecs or any other multimedia matters
'devede' works particularly well esp. if using multicore processor.

much nicer and more reliable than ubuntu although not as large package repository.


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