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Last Review by rm6990 - posted: 08-27-2004 08:42 AM [ Post a Review

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Hey, srry, this isn't a review, just wondering, did u md5sum the download and try redownloading/reburning?

Rating: 10
Product Details: "9.1 Live" by jeremy - posted: 08-17-2004 - Rating: ****** 5.91

Last Review by rm6990 - posted: 08-27-2004 08:27 AM [ Post a Review

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I installed this product to triple boot with Fedora Core 2 and Windows XP. The install process was very straightforward, but it did not install grub to the MBR, even when told to do so. (I was going to enter Fedora into Yoper's grub.conf, I ended up doing it the other way around). I ended up doing the same amount of work, but if this was the only Operating System on the computer, it would be a pain in the ass. I booted into Yoper, to be confronted by a screen so huge that I couldn't see full Windows. It is even worse than Debian's default 800x600, it was only 640x480. Sax2 (this is SuSE's X server editor, which is also used in Yoper) couldn't even change it, I had to edit the XF86Config file to get it to my 1024x768. The first thing I went to do was install OpenOffice. Yoper comes with OpenOffice, but only the install program. You have to click on a desktop icon which starts installing OpenOffice into your homefolder. I noticed Java wasn't installed, which is no big deal considering most distros don't come with Java. So I downloaded a Java RPM from, and it said the file was corrupted. So I downloaded just the regular self-extracting file from, and it said it was corrupted. I find this hard to believe since I just installed java into Fedora an hour ago. So I ended up mounting my Fedora partition and manually copying over Java, which made it work. By this point I was very disappointed with the distro. Ithen tried to set up printing, it had a driver for my printer already installed. The driver, however, didn't work, even though it does in every other distro I have used. Next, I went to apt to try to download something, I decided on tuxracer to see if it would work. Didn't come up in the search. I tried numerous programs and nothing would come up. I think a lot of hard work has gone into this distro, and it is coming along nicely, but I think it is ridiculous that this distro is already at v2. It shouldn't even be at v1. Give it a couple more years before trying it.

Rating: 4
Product Details: "" by rm6990 - posted: 08-27-2004 - Rating: ******* 7.14

Last Review by rm6990 - posted: 08-12-2004 03:34 PM [ Post a Review

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Hey all. I recently downloaded and installed Ark Linux while attempting to find a good Linux Distribution to use for my little brother since he is only 11. Oh, and if anyone has any good ideas for a good distro for smaller kids, please reply. Anyways, the install went very easy and installing the software from the extra software disc was also very easy and straightforward. Mission Control in Ark is like Yast in Suse. Mission Control is laid out in a fashion that is very easy to understand. It is even better than Mandrake and Suse's equivalents. At this point I was very happy with the distro, and figured my search had ended. I then edited my X Config file, when something occured to me, I wasn't logged in as root and yet I could still do this (I had forgotten to su into root). Ark is set up kind of like Linspire. There is the root user and a user named arklinux. The user arklinux has near-super-user powers, and there are very few things root can do that arklinux can't. Also, passwords were set for neither account and whenever I tried to set one it asked for the old password and when I hit enter, it didn't work. At this point, I was getting very frustrated as I did not want my little brother messing up the system. So, I forgot about it for the meantime and wen't on to try to update my system through apt. It came up with numerous dependancy problems that wouldn't let me update that took me nearly 25 minutes to fix. I was becoming very frustrated at this point. Then, I tried playing some games and a lot of them wouldn't run. Soon after this, I threw the discs in the garbage (I'll wait a couple of releases, maybe when it is in BETA or final release, before I download the iso's again). I then replaced the installation with Fedora Core 2, which my little brother seems to like fine enough for now....Anyways, the people at Ark have very good ideas and the project is coming along nicely, but don't bother putting this on a machine for any kind of production use, but if you want to fool around with it it might be fun. If you want to find an easy to use distro for permanent use, wait until this one is in beta stage or final release stage before u bother.

Rating: 3
Product Details: "1.0 Alpha 12" by rm6990 - posted: 08-12-2004 - Rating: *** 3.00

Last Review by rm6990 - posted: 08-09-2004 12:32 AM [ Post a Review

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I think Fedora Core 2 is one of the best distributions I have tried, and it ranks up in the top with Mandrake, SuSE and Linspire for a desktop OS. One thing that did annoy me was that yum didn't update my OpenOffice to v 1.1.2. (Every new version always seems to have some new feature I like in it so I always keep it up to date). So I used yum to remove OpenOffice and manually installed it by downloading it from the website. Every single piece of hardware in my PC (except for modem but I have a 3 MB/s connection and couldn't care less) was detected, although it annoys me that my Nvidia card doesn't have support for 3D Accelleration out of the box (although this is not Red Hat's fault so it will not affect my rating at all) I read in an earlier review that someone couldnt get the real Nvidia driver to work. I installed it perfectly fine on my pc. Go to, they may have some tips for you. The applications included with Fedora are just as good as with Mandrake and SuSE. There have only been one or two things I have had to install that I needed, all the other things I have just installed to play around with them. yum is just as easy and functional as apt. I really like the yum search function. there should be a graphical front-end for this however, and it should be installed by default. The issue of not having mp3 support out of the box kind of makes me mad, but it is easy to fix,. I read earlier someone said to reinstall. Don't bother, it is easily fixed using yum. I'd recommend this distro to many people, but not to newbies. Honestly, I think newbies should use Linspire as a stepping stone to switch from Windows to Linux. If you decide to do this, go to, they give you acode for a discount. Also, anyone with questions about fedora, go to, it is a very good site, and helped me fix all of my problems.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Core 2" by awesomejt - posted: 05-21-2004 - Rating: ******** 8.03


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