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Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 10-06-2006 03:48 AM [ Post a Review

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An excellent choice for an overview of TCP/IP networking, this work covers networking from the ground up, from the physical layer up to services like telnet and ftp, touching topics like LDAP on the way. If you have (read) the 3 volumes of "TCP/IP Illustrated" you still may want this one because it is often more to the point than the big brother. I really think that the authors know what they are talking about (I obviously didn't take the time to try and verify every detail, and don't know the ins and outs off the top of my head), and thoroughly enjoyed reading the work. The only downside is that the English is very quirky at times, and that the proof-readers (if there actually were any) didn't spot a good lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Rating: 7
Product Details: "Understanding TCP/IP" by Tinkster - posted: 10-06-2006 - Rating: ******* 7.00

Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 07-23-2006 03:35 AM [ Post a Review

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An excellent book! Covers aspects of project-managing of porting aspects (including costing, and time-lines) as well as for example availability of tools on the varied platforms, comparison of switches and options for different tools (e.g. Solaris cc vs gcc). I was very positively surprised by this volume, and most enjoyed the business-aspects.

Rating: 8
Product Details: "Unix to Linux Porting" by Tinkster - posted: 07-23-2006 - Rating: ******** 8.00

Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 07-23-2006 12:11 AM [ Post a Review

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A highly valuable source of information!&nbsp; It's on par with some of the <br>
"* - Hacks" books of O'Reilly's in this respect;&nbsp; most of the info you <br>
could find on the net (if you had the time to spend and the right idea<br>
of which search-terms to use), but it's very handy to have it bound in<br>
book form with a good enough index.&nbsp; <br>
I knew a great many of the tools before reading this book (even though<br>
I probably didn't make as good use of some of them before), but there's<br>
a few of which' existence I was totally unaware, and that I quite like after<br>
having tried them.<br>
Highly recommendable book for both "walks of life" ... <br>

Rating: 8
Product Details: "Linux® Debugging and Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques" by Tinkster - posted: 07-23-2006 - Rating: ******** 8.00

Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 07-22-2006 04:21 PM [ Post a Review

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I am in two minds about this book. On the one hand it teaches many aspects of PHP very thoroughly, covers best practices in terms of web-application development (which makes it very valuable).

On the other hand it omits a few (at least in my opinion) important things. E.g. there's no mention of the PHP system command (at least not in the index, I must admit that I didn't read the whole >900 pages looking for it back to front).

Really the index is one of the books greatest weaknesses. Even though the cover mentions the use of Oracle or PostgreSQL alongside MySQL, and the products both can be found on many a page, the index only refers to them as being mentioned on ONE page each.

Over all I'd recommend the book to a total novice to programming because it dwells on basics for quite a while, teaching good practice, mentioning alternatives and such. To a programmer who is looking for a PHP manual I'd say look at another book.

Rating: 7
Product Details: "WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT WITH PHP AND MYSQL" by Tinkster - posted: 07-22-2006 - Rating: ******* 7.00

Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 09-25-2005 11:55 PM [ Post a Review

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It's a bit of a tough call to review a book which has a review of the first edition already done on this site. It's an amazing read that also covers aspects of tectia, the commercial product by the original guy behind ssh. Not having read the first edition I can't say how detailed the implementation details have been described, but the book has certainly grown. It now features a whopping 645 pages (including the index), and I certainly haven't missed any info about ssh, or found that it lacked detail anywhere. A great read - once again.

Rating: 9
Product Details: "SSH The secure shell: the definitve guide" by Tinkster - posted: 09-25-2005 - Rating: ******* 7.00

Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 08-27-2005 09:26 PM [ Post a Review

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I think that in a time where many of us get tangled up in the technicalities of IT jobs the ethics are often forgotten. And this book is a bit of an eye-opener in this respect, it touches a wide range of topics where conflicts of interest may arise or where certain practice may be questionable. Interestingly the author takes a stance of comparing the "conservative" with a "liberal" one in all questions.

Rating: 6
Product Details: "IT Ethics Handbook: Right and Wrong for IT Professionals" by Tinkster - posted: 08-27-2005 - Rating: ****** 6.00

Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 08-21-2005 06:19 PM [ Post a Review

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A very nice book on the topic, I think that for a novice to spam-fighting particularly the introduction/overview of how spammers work, what they exploit and which means of protection there are (with a good introduction to the terminology) will prove very useful. The author has expanded on those for almost a third of the book. If one is at ease with reading a man-page, or knows ones way around the basic build-tools the way setup and installation of the tool(s) (and integration with varied other utilities) is well-suited for the audience. For someone without a background in Sys-Administration or from a Windows-background they may bit a bit brief. My only beef with the book is that it says it's an "in-depth guide" which, in the light of the brevity of many of the chapters, is a bit of an exaggeration.

Rating: 7
Product Details: "SpamAssassin: A practical guide to integration and configuration" by Tinkster - posted: 08-21-2005 - Rating: ******* 7.00

Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 06-03-2005 03:03 AM [ Post a Review

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What to say :} In a time where high-level languages and GUI RAD tools leave us with quickly slapt together but not necessarily fast programs Hyde tries to teach the programmer the ropes of the machine. He's not condemning the high-level languages, don't get me wrong, even though he's an expert assembler coder. He just points out that one can create better code in high-level lingos when one understands what they make the CPU do. He covers numeric formats, character representations, CPU, boolean logic, I/O ... can't wait to se volume II, "Thinking Low-Level, Writing High-Level"!!

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Write Great Code, Volume 1" by Tinkster - posted: 06-03-2005 - Rating: ********* 9.00

Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 06-02-2005 05:00 PM [ Post a Review

Views: 29797 Another fantastic O'Reilly book, what else can one say :} It covers certain basics of MTA/MUA/MDA for the new users in terms of setting up mail. It gives an excellent introduction to SpamAssassin itself, and, more specifically, covers SAs interaction with other programs like sendmail, qmail, exim or postfix...

Rating: 9
Product Details: "SpamAssassin" by Tinkster - posted: 06-02-2005 - Rating: ********* 9.00

Last Review by Tinkster - posted: 08-26-2004 06:11 PM [ Post a Review

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An absolutely terrific book! It gives people with no experience in version control a great overview over the possible methods along with a comparison of their benefits. It helps veteran CVS users understand the differences between CVS and Subversion, and helps them migrate. It covers questions that you'd find in a FAQ. It serves as a manual and reference. It's not too big, and the style of writing is easy to follow. On top of all that it's fun to read Smile I really enjoyed reading it and got through it very quickly. If I continued to write on in more detail now people would assume that I'm on O'Reilly's payroll so I'll just say:"I'm not!" and "Go and buy it!" ... the latter being true for people who a) contemplate using version control and b) for people who find CVS' shortcomings to outweigh its benefits. :}

Rating: 9
Product Details: "Version control with Subversion" by Tinkster - posted: 08-26-2004 - Rating: ********* 9.00

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