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Orba 11-17-2017 03:50 PM

So far, happy with Zorin OS 12.2 release Sept '17
Just thought I'd share with you all my experience so far with Zorin OS 12.2 which came out in September.

The install went fine on my 64 bit laptop. The boot page shows my other distros and Windows entries.

Upon first boot I went and installed Synaptic Package Manager as well as {Gnome) Tweak Tool.

The one noticeable problem I had was after logging into the desktop, the selected wallpaper (galaxy) would quickly disappear and turn to a white background, or just the white background from the start. If I clicked on the desktop the wallpaper would appear. The fix I found for this was to go to Settings \ Zorin Appearance \ Desktop \ Icons on Desktop and slide the bar to "off". Or, Tweak Tool \ Desktop \ Icons on Desktop "off".

Well, that's it for now. It sure was nice to have my Broadcom Wireless card driver installed upon install. In other distros this being third party software I end up having to download b43 cutter using dial-up internet connection at home. Zorin nicely installs the driver with bcmwl-kernel-source, no need for a wireless or dial-up connection. The distro comes with Chromium, not my favourite browser, especially since I use dial-up at home and Chromium always pings when I start it and takes about 15 minutes to finish pinging, whatever it is connecting to. So, I instead installed the Opera offshoot, Vivaldi.

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