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paulsiu 10-18-2007 10:08 AM

Zenwalk 4.8 does not work as a Linux guest in Virtualbox 1.5
I recently attempted to install Zenwalk as a guest in VirtualBox. Installation always freeze when it's uncompressing the python scripts screen.

I have tried this on virtualbox on two different machine (both running Vista Host), one with AMD and one Intel. Both have failed. I have managed to install Zenwalk on a real machine using the same CD.

Does anyone have any idea why it's not working?



paulsiu 10-19-2007 08:50 PM

It appears that Zenwalk 4.8 is not compatible with Virtualbox 1.5, but I was able to get it install using Virtualbox 1.5.2, which came out just a day or two ago.

However, I was unable to get Guest Additions to work. Zenwalk is not one of the supported linux distro, but some walk may be require to get it to work.

gapan 11-17-2007 08:12 AM

I haven't used Zenwalk under virtualbox myself, but I have read reports that it works without problems, with guest additions and all...

bioe007 11-18-2007 03:36 AM

i use these kernel params for vbox with zenwalk: nosmp nohz=off

I can run and build with zw as guest in vbox 1.5.2 (PUEL)

- I have problems writing from guest -> host fs ('protocol error') <- but I've also got this problem with Arch & Windows guests too

- guest additions can't find X on system = no vbox X drivers are installed, I've been looking but not found a place to fix this in there scripts

- there is some timeserver for vbox and it needs its command fixed up a bit, around line 154 of /etc/rc.d/rc.vboxadd-timesync remove 'daemon' from in front of $binary

bioe007 11-18-2007 03:36 AM

too many clicks

paulsiu 11-19-2007 09:19 AM

I got the Zenwalk working as a guest OS with additions:

gapan 11-19-2007 04:10 PM

Very nice. :)

bioe007 11-21-2007 01:14 PM

sweet. i'll be trying that one out - thanks!

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