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kamusician 01-30-2011 12:52 AM

SOLVED: No system sounds or midi file playback in Zenwalk 6.4
Hi, I am suprised at how well 6.4 is running on this old PII 400mhz 256mb ram machine but I am stumped on a few issues-
I can't play midi files even after installing (using netpkg in root terminal): a2jmidid, jack ,libsamplerate, alsaplayer, libsndfile. These were the suggested packages and there dependancies.
I re-installed each along with lash and gnome player and no results. The sound card is an old SB16 and it plays cd's and
all other audio fine.
I also have no system sounds after enabling them and installing various sound theme packages. And yes the volume is un-muted and turned up.
I would be GRATEFUL for any help on these issues and thanks in advance!

I managed to get a few system sounds and midi files play with Timidity (although poor sound quality)I'll have to learn/figure out the whole jack audio and software synth installation method and setup-from what I've read and already tried it is not easy.

eSelix 01-30-2011 05:03 PM

Can you check that TiMidity can play midi files? I known that some sound cards has no hardware midi syntheiser. You will be needed also some midi samples, you can extract them for example from Ubuntu repository

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