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ricdave 02-10-2013 10:01 PM

password will not work with wireless: comtrend with dlink
Installed Zenwalk 7.2 on a Dell Dimension 3000. It shows that wireless network is available and correctly names it. When I enter password for wireless it will not authenticate. Wireless is a comtrend dsl2 router from my internet provider and I am trying to connect via Dlink(looks like a thumb drive). Dlink is good, it works on Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS. Can anyone point me where to look? I like this distro, but wireless is essential as wired is not an option currently available. Its a geographical thing.

yooy 02-11-2013 10:53 PM

mybe there is a problem with encription that won't work well in your curent installation. What kind of encription you are using? What is adapter name in "lsusb" command?

What i would try is to disable encription and share network with neigbours (and passers-by), I don't belevie that it is big security threat.

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ricdave 02-13-2013 09:20 PM

It's the darndest thing! After trying 4 or 5 times over as many days, I fired the thing up just now and after logging in it told me I was connected. Went to a few sites just to check it out and it worked fine. All I can figure is that my "mickey mouse" ISP must have been doing something strange. All I have to do now is update it and add a few things and it will be ready to donate. Thanx for the effort.

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