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MachielvanderBijl 02-20-2008 12:04 PM

how to enter the Zenpanel through xfce?
Thanks for reading this thread, but I solved the problem. The solution was this: when I configured the root password during setup, numlock was automatically on, while in Xfce numlock is off. Since it is a laptop keyboard I am using, this makes two totally different passwords. So, when I enter the root password, I have to enable numlock. That's it.


Installed Zenwalk 5.0 and now try to enter options under Xfce menu>System> such as Zenpanel. But when I click on it, it asks for my root password. I give it, the dialog window disappears and... nothing happens! No system panel. It seems I do not enter the right root password, but I am quite sure I enter the password I configured when installing. Could my root password have changed because I used the same password for both root and another user? Anyone an idea how to get to the right root password?


gapan 02-21-2008 02:44 AM

You can change your root password if you open a root terminal and type

so that the numlock thing doesn't bother you any more. :)

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