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autophil 12-05-2007 12:05 PM

Once I have got FuseSMBtool to "Connect" it displays the status as "SMB is mounted"
How does one go from there and access the files in the other box which is running Slackware? I already have a dir in /mnt called /smb
But is is empty.
Oh and thats the other thing: When I type in smbpasswd, I get Command not found!

guth 12-06-2007 01:45 PM

in fusesmbtool there is a mountpoint, default is /home/username/smb, if you kept it check this directory instead of /mnt/smb.

fusesmbtool is just a front end for fusesmb.
This program aims to provide access to every accessible smb network in a tree starting at the mountpoint.
- /mynetwork
- - /mycomputer
- - - /myshare1
- - - /myshare2
- - - - /myshare2/myfile1
- - /mycomputer2
- /mynetwork2
- - /myothercomputer
- - - /myothershare$

Of course you have to setup a samba server in your slack ;)

About smbpasswd:
smbpasswd, is in samba package, not in sambaclient

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