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slipstream5 03-15-2012 02:11 PM

Any way to reboot or shutdown Zenwalk without sudo terminal?
I'm sure I missed something, but so far I can only reboot or shutdown from root terminal. Can I do so as normal user?

xeleema 03-15-2012 04:58 PM

Does ZenWalk support shutdown.allow? If not, then adding a custom line to the sudoers file should allow (specific or any) users to shutdown the system.

From the Shutdown Man Page (CentOS 5)

      shutdown  can  be  called from init(8) when the magic keys CTRL-ALT-DEL are pressed, by creating an appropriate entry in /etc/inittab.
      This means that everyone who has physical access to the console keyboard can shut the system down. To prevent this, shutdown can check
      to  see if an authorized user is logged in on one of the virtual consoles. If shutdown is called with the -a argument (add this to the
      invocation of shutdown in /etc/inittab), it checks to see if the file /etc/shutdown.allow is present.  It  then  compares  the  login
      names  in  that file with the list of people that are logged in on a virtual console (from /var/run/utmp). Only if one of those autho-
      rized users or root is logged in, it will proceed. Otherwise it will write the message

      shutdown: no authorized users logged in

      to the (physical) system console. The format of /etc/shutdown.allow is one user name per line. Empty lines and comment lines (prefixed
      by a #) are allowed. Currently there is a limit of 32 users in this file.

      Note that if /etc/shutdown.allow is not present, the -a argument is ignored.

jefro 03-15-2012 09:25 PM

Without more to go on...

Sometimes you have to log out and then you can shutdown. (assumes gui)

Sometimes there are user rights that allow shutdown in gui.

slipstream5 03-24-2012 01:34 AM

Never got a chance to try the posted solutions because I upgraded my system with gslapt instead of netpkg and got locked out of x (init 4 couldn't start). It looked pretty bad so I ended up re-installing Zenwalk 7. I sucessfully updated this time and now I can reboot as normal user AND the clock is correct (before it would keep reverting to the wrong time).

So I guess I'll mark it as solved!

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