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kimdino 08-22-2010 06:48 PM

Unable to log into Vector forum
Hi folks,

I have been trying to log into the Vector website forum for some months now. For some reason I never receive an activation email. I have checked that they are not being dumped as spam by either KMail or my isp. I can find no trace. As there is no contact address on the site this leaves me blocked from any communication with the VL website forum.

I have been limping along with VL-SOHO 5.9 with no sound for 3 months. I am now limping along on VL 6.0 KDE Classic stuck on 800x600 with the VESA driver until I can get the repositories working. HELLLP ;)

Maybe someone on this forum could help me out but I think the real place for my issues is the VL website forum. Is anyone here able to pass on a message to a VL forum moderator on my behalf? If so, can you ask them to email me directly? I don't want to post my address here but they should be able to get it from the account names I have setup. My login name is 'Kimdino'. There is also 'Kimdino2'.

Cheers, Kimdino

XavierP 08-23-2010 04:11 PM

Did you try to get the activation mail resent?

kimdino 08-24-2010 06:04 AM

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Hi Xavier,
Yep, several times.

The only field I used on that page is generally 'Username or email:'. Though, in the manner of one grasping at straws, I have tried various other combinations (including adding the password which I can't remember if one was ever set). The response is shown on my attacment. I then chen my mail, in case, and wait, and wait, and wa..... I then check my spam & junk folders. Sometimes I then logon to my isps website and check the spam & deleted folders there.


XavierP 08-24-2010 07:39 AM

Odd, I have searched the boards and there is literally no way to contact anyone without logging in. All I can say to do is hope someone with an account can assist you with making contact. Alternatively, our members are very helpful and knowledgeable and they may be able to help if you post a detailed technical question thread in this forum.

kimdino 08-24-2010 08:42 PM

Hi Xavier,
Re: Odd, I have searched the boards and there is literally no way to contact anyone without logging in.
Exactly.... Thanks for confiming that I'm not being (too) stupid.

I've managed to get the nvidia drivers built by getting the kernel headers from elsewhere. As you are probably aware, VectorLinux = Slackware = vanilla kernel. I also managed to some apps I was missing as Slackware packages & tarballs. So, there is no problem for now.

However, I would much rather be able use the VL repository system. There are some big holes in this setup e.g. missing kernel headers. When I attempt to update the package data from the repos (as installed) I get a mass of 'Not found" errors. Is anyone able to point me to where the repository list are stored in the system tree?

As you say, if anyone reading this has an account on could you please call attention to this thread on there.
Many thanks.

lectraplayer 09-14-2010 06:17 AM

Vector works fine for me thus far but it sounds like you may need to dump Vector for your application. If they don't want to hear from you, they'll start losing desktops

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