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aguilla1 07-17-2012 10:50 AM

wubi to download 12.04 problems - blank screen
I have a new computer: Levono using windows 7. I used Wubi to download 12.04 on a separate partition. After downloading, the system is to restart, finishing the installation. However, the computer froze with no signal on my screen. Turning the computer on and off I received the option to sign in on windows or ubuntu. Windows works well, but Ubuntu bombs again as before. I can look at the new partition where the Ubuntu files exist via Windows explorer. What am I to do?
Can I edit the Ubuntu files using Windows, or should I remove Wubi installation and get a CD?

yancek 07-18-2012 10:14 AM

Wubi is windows Ubuntu installer which installs Ubuntu as a program inside your windows system and usually on the same partition, AFAIK.
If you have the option to boot Ubuntu or windows then you have installed the Ubuntu bootloader to the master boot record (unless you manually configured the windows bootloader??)

Ubuntu bombs again is not very informative. More details on what happens when you select Ubuntu? Which bootloader are you using?
My understanding is that you would need to install some third party software on windows to read/write Ubuntu files as microsoft does not have any software for this purpose by default.

If you did a wubi install and if you are using the Ubuntu bootloader and if you then remove Ubuntu from windows, you will be unable to boot windows. So first, do you have a windows installation CD/DVD to reinstall the windows bootloader to the master boot record?

I think the best first step would be to go to the site below, read the instructions, download the bootinfoscript, run it from any Linux Live CD terminal and post the output here:

Doing that will give us detailed information on your drives/partitions and boot files and allow someone to make a more specific suggestion.

aguilla1 07-19-2012 12:35 AM

Wubi did install the Ubuntu boot loader, with the option: Windows or Ubuntu.
After selecting Ubuntu there was some action with the disc icon flashing on and off - and then that stopped altogether. The screen stayed black.

I had some Knoppix discs but alas these were not compatible with my current computer.

I uninstalled Wubi and removed the two partitions Ubuntu made. Windows started normally.

I next used an old disk with Ubuntu 11.04, but part of the disc was corrupted and all I could do was look at Ubuntu live from the CD.

Next I downloaded the iso for Ubuntu 12.04 - 64 bit version which did not work at all. I could select Install Ubuntu but then the black screen and some disc action appeared and then nothing.

I next downloaded the iso for ubuntu 12.04 - 32 bit and after three tries I have now installed it successfully. At the first attempt, I saw something flashing on a purple screen, then a little icon appeared. When I hit some keys the screen went blank as before. The second time the screen went blank right away; the third time the icon appeared again and I hit enter. - Success!

I detailed my history in order to help others with similar problems. I believe that the designers of Wubi should review the software.

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