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carlosinfl 12-23-2005 06:15 PM

WPA (Wireless) Support?
I am getting ready to install the latest version of Ubuntu on my Dell Latitude D810 notebook because it actually detects my Intel wireless card. Do you guys know if Ubuntu supports WPA Pre shared keys for encryption?

I tried the latest Ubuntu Live disk and the only way I can seem to get a wireless detection is if I disable all security including mac filtering, WEP, or WPA.

Thanks for any assistance.

Brian1 12-23-2005 07:26 PM

Which module is it using? Check here to see if WPA is supported for it. and

Cannot see why mac filtering would be an issue. If you now the mac of the nic and is added to the mac filtering list then that should not be an issue. I have seen some routers look configured correctly for mac but would not work. I ended up removing the mac address and reentering it.

WEP should not be to bad. If using something like eth1 then look for keys-eth1. In it will be one line like this.
key=<56-128 bit key number minus the <> >
If using atheros then it can be in the ath0 config file.

I am not a debian user so I do not the file structure of it. Just helping with the basics and giving some ideas as to where you might find more help.

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