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minimadman 03-29-2008 01:28 PM

Wireless Problem in Hardy
In Hardy My wireless will only work when my pc is near my router (which means moving my pc from my room) and when i move it back into my room it will find my network but it will not connect and it will just keep asking me for my network key over and over again.
Anyone have any ideas whats wrong????

Takla 03-29-2008 01:57 PM

maybe radio interference (cordless telephone? wireless kb/mouse?), maybe bad driver, maybe antenna not firmly connected to router, maybe nm is seeing and trying to connect to different network for which it doesn't have the key (maybe your neighbour has same router and same default essid). Try in terminal

sudo iwlist scan
and you can see if there are any other networks nearby, their signal strengths, essid, encryption method etc.

you need to provide some more details otherwise you'll get very generalised shot-in-the-dark answers like this one.

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