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xsithlordx 09-09-2006 08:13 PM

Where Did I mess Up?
I have an old Dell. I recently got some RAM that actually fit(PC 100) as well as a new 40 gig HD to go along with the 40 it already has.

Now armed with a second drive I wanted to put Kubuntu on it, HD# 1 already has TinyXP on it...and it works quite nicely.

I have moved the Kubuntu.iso to HD #2 and figured I could use it to boot from the HD to install it(wrong?)...Hmmm?

Either way when I press F12 it only takes me to a F8 type fo page where it has Last Good Config, Safe Mode Boot, Safe Mode with Command Prompt...none of the options such as to boot from HD or CD Rom or changing the boot sequence order!

Is this happening because I added the 2d HD incorrectly? Everything seems to be plugged up right as far as I can tell I have the cable from HD#1 going to HD#2 and the molex is connected. I can see HD#2 when I boot up windows, it's empty and formatted and comes up as drive "E:".

IBall 09-09-2006 10:15 PM

An ISO is a CD image - you will need to burn it to CD first. Make sure to burn it correctly, you should see a set of directories and files, not a single file on the CD. In K3B, you can burn a CD image by going "Tools" - "Burn CD Image". Nero is similar.

Put the CD in and reboot, and you should get the Kubuntu desktop as a live CD (assuming you have the latest version "6.06 Dapper"). On the desktop is a link that says "Install Kubuntu" or something similar. Run that program, and you should be able to install Kubuntu.

I hope this helps

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