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Interdictor 10-27-2006 09:16 AM

Upgrade from 6.06 to 6.1 query
Not realising that 6.1 was due out yesterday, I installed 6.06 on my day to day use laptop and everything I tried worked perfectly - maximum screen resolution, wireless, shared networking, printing to Windows printer etc.

As I haven't done anything else to the laptop apart from adding the network name and adding a printer, would I be be better served if I were to reinstall from a 6.1 cd from scratch or should I just use the gksu "Update-manager -c" command to do the update?

My thoughts are that as its a fresh install anyway, I might as well do another new install from scratch so thats there's no hangovers/old/redundant files from the previous version.

I'm downloading the cd anyway so I can install on another machine. No doubt that by the time an automated update has finished downloading the necessary files and done the upgrade, just doing a clean install would be just as quick.

I've probably talked myself into doing a clean install just writing this anyway, but if anybody has a recommendation as to why one method would be preferable to the other, I'd appreciate reading it.

camorri 10-27-2006 09:55 AM

Do the clean install. You haven't invested too much in the 6.06 yet. My experience with updates has been very poor at best. I'm sure there are those that will say it worked for them, but from experience, clean is the only way to go. One other thought, what is in 6.1 that compels the update, or install?

Interdictor 10-27-2006 10:17 AM

If you mean why do I want to change to a later version, its purely because I've only just installed 6.06 and I may as well put the updated version on now before I start installing extra software & changing configuration etc, rather than install things and then realise there's something I need from 6.1 and have to upgrade later.

I always think a clean install is the best way to go rather than take a chance that something may break during an upgrade.

As you say, I've not got anything invested in 6.06 yet so it makes no difference to me at the moment. If I was 6 months down the line of using it & had 6 months worth of software installed & configured, then I'd have to think twice about the way to go.

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