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solar_64131 02-12-2010 02:05 PM

Updated and refuses to boot
Hi, I have been using Ubuntu Netbook remix for a while and have been pretty happy with it. Over the weekend, the software did a typical update, and the next time I started the computer it goes straight to the GRUB command line. On the same day, I installed ATanks, so I am not sure which caused the problem, but I really don't see the game causing a problem with the boot loader.

Installed through Wubi.
v. 9.10
Dual boot w/Windows; no problems booting until now.
I do not know which updates were installed and cannot boot into Ubuntu to find out.
At the GRUB command prompt, I tried to boot, but it did not load anything other than vmlinuz; when i searched to make sure I entered the correct partition (/dev/hda2), I noticed that, well, there were no partitions in /dev.

Thanks for your help!

Mr-Bisquit 02-12-2010 02:41 PM

Make yourself a bootable usb key and set the book to boot from it.
Use that the check the partions.
If they are there, you can rescue with a boot image on a key and repair grub.
If not, and there was important info on it, use photorec and save what you can to another external key.

solar_64131 02-12-2010 05:53 PM

In all honesty, I keep all of my important files on a desktop since a netbook can be stolen so easily, so I may just reformat and reinstall. Since I have not seen this issue with anyone else, I will just assume that there may have been some flaw or corruption in an update and switch to something else if this happens again. Thanks for your help.

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