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LDJ 03-13-2008 02:19 AM

Unable to connect to wifi network since upgrade to 7.10
After the upgrade process from 7.04 to 7.10 rendered my installation unusable, did a fresh install of 7.10 last night and simply cannot get my laptop to connect to my wireless network.
Previously on 7.04 I used wpa_supplicant and a few manual commands to set the IP, gateway, essid and channel of my wireless network, which worked fine, but I just cannot get a connection since the uprade.
The wifi light is flashing, so the drivers are working fine, and when in ‘roaming mode’ it picks up my wireless network. When I enter the essid and wpa key in the dialog box, the wireless network appears in the list of networks and the signal strength is 90%+, but I cannot access any web pages or anything like that.

Is there anything I am missing to get this to connect to my wpa (tkip) network? I’ve got three other windows/mobile devices connected to the LAN so there’s nothing wrong with the setup, nor this laptop as it works fine in Windows.

Any suggestions most welcomed.


dr_agon 03-17-2008 10:16 AM

I had exactly the same problem on my desktop PC. The wireless management was changed in 7.10, as was the driver for my wi-fi card (Realtec RT2640 based). After some searching I found this problem to be quite common after upgrade, but I haven't got the right pages in my bookmarks now. I had to download and compile the updated driver for my card from the developer's site, not from Ubuntu repository, and managed to get it to work.
After finding more annoying "new features" and bugs I generally reverted to Ubuntu 7.04 and now I wait for 8.04.

Good luck,

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