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joey45 05-14-2009 12:40 PM

Ubuntu studio 4.09 error 18 on grub boot?
Just installed Ubuntu Studio and the install seemed to go well, but on first boot, I don't get past gets to the second line of the script, then pukes with an Error 18. I'm an Ubuntu Studio newbie, but a Linux oldbee. I haven't got a clue, but I'd guess it doesn't like my NEC 1555 LCD monitor for some reason, and since it won't go any farther, I can't tell you much. Here is a brief description of the home-built computer:
1. Asus motherboard (works well on windoze, and most Linux distributions.
2. 500 mb memory
3. 166 gb seagate hd
4. Sony DVD burner
5. CPU is Athlon 900 MHZ 32 bit job.
6. sound card is Creative Audigy.
***NB I have three hard drives in the system, but only using one for this...the others are waaaay to small. This install is now the only one on the machine, and the drive is the primary master.
Any ideas??? Please...

joey45 05-14-2009 12:46 PM's 9.04 :(

ANO1453 05-14-2009 02:25 PM

This is what the GRUB manual says about error 18:


18 : Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS
This error is returned when a read is attempted at a linear block address beyond the end of the BIOS translated area. This generally happens if your disk is larger than the BIOS can handle (512MB for (E)IDE disks on older machines or larger than 8GB in general).
Tip: I would set the first partition to be the boot partition (I guess you can do that when installing), or I would install GRUB to the MBR.

syg00 05-14-2009 06:26 PM

Looks like a BIOS update might be in order - this is not a grub problem per se, but a limitation in the BIOS. Grub has been installed in the MBR or you wouldn't be seeing this message.
Can be averted by using a small (100 Meg) partition for /boot as suggested. Not sure about the studio version, but in the normal Jaunty, you have the option (expert ?) to manage the partitions yourself.

joey45 05-16-2009 08:06 AM

Thanks for the useful information in both of these replies. I have since given up on the Ubuntu Studio, and gone back to OpenSuse 11.0. It takes a bit more setup to do audio, but it is as stable as a rock and has a much more hands-on installation...I guess I'm just used to that. And yes...I normally create a boot partition as the very first on the primary master of the system, then go from there.

Thanks again,

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