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crackinggear 03-12-2010 06:05 PM

Ubuntu Server 9.10, ICH4 AC97 modem, sl-modem-daemon dies

Goal: Get Hylafax to send and recieve faxes on my old IBM R40 notebook with built in modem (ICH4 AC97).

What I've tried so far:
1. sl-modem-daemon with alsa-driver (snd-intel8x0m)
2. sl-modem-daemon with soft link-driver (slamr)

1. In the first case I get the modem working fine and well, except that incoming calls are ignored (no RING-messages in minicom). I read somewhere that this is known to be the case with the above mentioned driver. Which is what got me to try out the soft link-driver.

2. In the second case, I get everything working, until I reboot or restart the sl-modem-daemon (e.g. after setting my country). If I don't restart/reboot, minicom can both connect to the modem as well as show the RING message when I call it from my cell. After reboot/restart, sl-modem-daemon dies a second or two after it has been started, even though there's no error messages.

Any ideas as to what I can do about this, or how I can reach my goal? Any help appreciated! =)


# /etc/init.d/sl-modem-daemon start
Starting SmartLink Modem driver for: slamr0.
Creating /dev/modem symlink, pointing to: /dev/ttySL0.


# cat /var/log/messages | grep slamr
[    8.751291] slamr: module license 'Smart Link Ltd.' taints kernel.
[    8.751304] Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint
[    8.760968] slamr: SmartLink AMRMO modem.
[    8.761045] slamr: probe 8086:24c6 ICH4 card...
[    8.761065] slamr 0000:00:1f.6: PCI INT B -> Link[LNKB] -> GSI 11 (level, low) -> IRQ 11
[    8.763815] slamr: mc97 codec is SIL27
[    8.763911] slamr: slamr0 is ICH4 card.

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