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carlosinfl 04-25-2007 11:40 AM

Ubuntu Printing to a CUPS Server?
I have a Ubuntu 7.04 64 bit OS running on my PC at work and we also have a CUPS server that I manage however Ubuntu does not see the CUPS server when I go to print anything. My only option when I try and print is what you see below. I don't know why or what I am missing but can someone please help me and tell me what is required to print to my CUPS server on the same subnet as my Ubuntu workstation?



camorri 04-25-2007 01:01 PM

On your Ubuntu system you need cups installed. I'm assuming at this point the printer is working on the server.

Once you have cups on the client, open a web browser and in the URL bar open cups web interface with http://localhost:631

Click Admin Tasks. I add printers as root user. So root and the root password.

Add your printer, same stuff as your print server.

The main difference this is a remote printer. The print driver is the same one you use on the server. For the URI enter


The IP address is the address of the print server. 631 is the default port for cups. Change these to match your system.

The word printers has to be there. Its in the Cups doc.

The last field is the name of the printer on the server.

If you have IP connectivity, then you should be able to print, assuming you get all things to match your installation.

Hope this helps.

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