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manchestersuresh 06-21-2009 03:39 AM

Ubuntu-hardy-broken dependency
hi all,i have ubuntu-8.04LTS(hardy-herone) in my laptop.While i doing updating using manual installation from,I was needed to install libgd2-xpm and libgd-gd2-perl.So,my package manager instructed me to remove libgd2-noxpm package.I have entered into terminal
$aptitude remove libgd2-noxpm -f --purge
then it replied
packages to be removed
packages are unmet dependencies are
libgraphviz4 depends libgd2-noxpm is not installable
libgd2-xpm is not installable
packages are BROKEN
But after accept to remove that broken packages,it eventually shows "libmagick10,rssglx,ubuntu-desktop are broken" after consecutive remove commands to these packages.But none of these packages removed.Eventually i remember i read once not to remove ubuntu-desktop at any cost.I observed that package manager doesnt pass any broken dependency symbol in my desktop.I dont understand the situation.Can anybody pls explain how to remove libgd2-noxpm sothat i can install libgd2-xpm and explain this erotic situation technically
Thanks and regards
S.Suresh kumar

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