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Dummy-in-Linux 06-02-2012 10:36 AM

Ubuntu 11.10 Freezes short moments
I had a problem with my hard-disk, the file-system was corrupted after we had a problem with the electric in our area. Fixed the file-system with fsck and the computer starts-up again.

But I saw quickly a message that the /tmp folder was not ready or available, I didn't paid much attention to this message as the computer was starting up again (also I currently not see that message again).

But the problems I currently have is that my computer freezes for a few seconds and returns back to normal operation, also it happens that it freezes/hangs completely and a power off is the only solution, to get it going again.

So I have the idea that my problem is somehow related to the /tmp folder, I have only one hard-disk and Ubuntu 11.10 installer did the partitioning.

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