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cmb271 06-11-2012 02:29 AM

Ubuntu 10.04 Crash from time to time
Okay I've ignored this problem but It's time for me to see if it's common or just me. When I stress out my computer like downloading at 1.2 Mbps or just general working on my book and playing with my youtube channel my computer freezes up bad. The caps lock and scroll lock lights flash and the number lock key goes out, I don't know what causes this, is my CPU getting to hot, is my hard drive crashing?

I have a
1.60 Ghz Intel Celeron
1.9 GB ram
Ubuntu 10.04 (I'm not updating to anything else till it's release is over)
Gnome 2.30.2
Kernel Linux 2.6.32-41
Three Hard drives:
40 GiB file system
40 GiB Backup
80 Gib Not in use

I did notice a small problem, I at one time switched from Ubuntu 11.04 to Linux Mint 12 and my Internet card failed, after ordering a new one and getting it to work on my computer using windows wireless manager or ndiswrapper's GUI, It happened on Linux Mint every time i got on the internet, or even plugged it in it is a Zonet ZEW2502 802.11g Wireless USB and It was a pain to get to work properly. This mite be my problem but I don't know, because it works fine for the most part on Ubuntu 10.04, so Ubuntu User's your input?

nixblog 06-11-2012 05:28 AM

Sounds like your hardware is slowly dying and/or system is suffering kernel panics. That 1.6Ghz celery stick is gonna be using CPU cycles like it's going out of fashion when using YouTube. Either trim the fat off that 10.04 install to reduce system resouces or use a lighter weight distro such as antiX.

As far as hardware goes, check your machines memory is not faulty. Check for bad sectors on hard drives too. If it keeps happening then it maybe time for newer hardware.

cmb271 06-11-2012 07:03 AM

I'm doing constant backups to my secondary drive because fear it may crash, moments ago it just did, it was connecting to the internet then i clicked chrome and it froze completely the HHD light on the front of my console was dead black, I don't want to switch distros because I love ubuntu so much and if i have to it must be debian based because all my packages I use daily are based on debian and I have yet learn how to compile from source

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