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jackmor 10-09-2008 08:02 AM

Top Panel isn't accessible ?
Hi all,
When I login, I hear my hard disk working and Top Panel is inaccessible for one or two minutes !
How should I proceed to resolve that ?

Unknown_User 10-10-2008 05:31 PM

Are you using Compiz Fusion? There is some historic issues with the top panel 'disappearing' or taking a while to appear. Ensure that Compiz is up-to-date.

You could try removing and replacing the default top panel by typing the following in a terminal (assuming that you are using gnome). I'm not sure that this will help but it's worth a try if updating Compiz doesn't work.


gnome-session-remove gnome-panel
gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel
gnome-panel &

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