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Gordog 04-28-2009 04:36 PM

Spellchecking in Evolution

I have just upgraded to 9.04. In Evolution when I compose or reply to email the spellchecker does not recognise plurals anymore. For example if I write 'cups' it is immediately underlined as wrong spelling and the suggestion is 'cup s'. It does this for all plural words. Can anyone help me solve this annoying glitch? It certainly did not do this with 8.10 and 8.04.

Thank you

Ledfeather 05-03-2009 12:35 AM

the simplest way is just to add the things you know are spelled right to the standard dictionary, im imagine theres a communal one for your whole machine (if im wrong someone tell me) you might be able to go into openoffice and add them with a few clicks.

if that doesnt work, my personal next step would be to consult google as to the location of the library file which houses the dictionary which is used by evolution, and add the words you see fit.

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