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alf_frommars 11-01-2007 06:10 AM

slow firefox gutsy
hello, recently Ive upgraded from feisty to gutsy. now firefox is slow as hell... takes hours to load a page, he can't find google etc. do not have the problem in xp . anyone can help?

tnx a lot/..

rjlee 11-01-2007 08:34 AM

First of all, what error does Firefox give you when it can't load Google? That's likely to give some indication as to the problem.
If you save the file to the local disk and open it from there, is it still slow?
Do you have slowdown issues with other networked applications; is is slow to send an email for example?

One common problem causing slowdowns in network access is a badly configured DNS (Domain-Name System), which is used to convert hostnames like into numbers called IP addresses, which are used to connect to the server.

Open a terminal and type in this (You will need the bind-utils package installed for this to work).:

This should return almost immediately, with about a page of technical information about Google's domain name setup. If it takes a second or longer, then it's likely that your DNS setup is wrong.

The next thing to try is a traceroute, which will time each network "hop" — the time taken to send a package between different machines between you and your server. To try this with Google:

This may take a few seconds to run and lists times for each individual hop; each one should be under about 100ms and there shouldn't be any of 1s or longer.

That won't solve your problem by itself, but should help us to get more information to help to diagnose your problem.


— Robert J Lee

PTrenholme 11-01-2007 10:29 AM

Probably not your problem, but after a day using the "ubuntufox" version of Firefox, I uninstalled it and installed the "standard" Firefox from the Mozilla web site. Works much better and lets me install and use any extension I want to use. (I've been trying Kubuntu 7.10 for a few days now, and find the "hand holding" provided by the Ubuntu distribution somewhat annoying. I even had to unlock the "root" user account before I could log in as "root!")

wit_273 11-01-2007 11:02 AM


One common problem causing slowdowns in network access is a badly configured DNS (Domain-Name System)
I have installed Ubuntu Gutsy on several machines and on each install I have had the same DNS problem when set DHCP (did not have this problem on previous versions of Ubuntu). Anyway what happens is it sets the DNS server to the gateway, even if I try to specify the DNS server but have the IP set to DHCP. My gateway at home does not handle DNS so I have to specify another DNS server. The only way I can get Ubuntu to accept my specified DNS is to set a static IP. Previous Ubuntu installs would let me set my DNS static but leave my IP address DHCP which allowed me to take my laptop anywhere and pull an IP. Now I have to change it back to DHCP when I travel and reset when I get home. This may be your problem. Try setting your IP to a static address that works with your router and to a known good DNS server address, (usually your ISP can provide you with a good DNS server).

/bin/bash 11-02-2007 01:26 PM

You could tryFasterFox

There are many manual tweeks to Firefox as well, serch google. One problem could be if you have ipv6 enabled. You can disable that as you most likely dont need it yet.

alf_frommars 11-03-2007 03:36 AM

guys ive solved the problem, commented out all of the ipv6 rules in the /etc/hosts.
now its working fast.

tnx for replys

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