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Dornith 09-16-2012 11:04 AM

Setting up Samba
I am having some real problems setting up Samba on my laptop. I have Slackware on my desktop and I have it working fine so I know how to do it. The problem is, every time I install Samba, basic things like the program to stop and start it in the init.d folder aren't there. Ubuntu insists it is installed even though everyone else says that's where the files should be. I tried purging and reinstalling but it doesn't help.

How do I get samba installed on my computer?

Edit: Okay, I fixed the problem. Somewhere samba didn't get fully uninstalled so I had to purge samba-common and then reinstall it.

Edit: I though I'd fixed it but the files still aren't there. I am very confused now.

Edit: Now I have it figured out for real. The files formerly handled by init.d are now handled by service.

acid_kewpie 09-17-2012 03:51 AM

//removing from zero posts.

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