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taylorkh 09-26-2011 11:24 AM

"Open" (select a file) dialog - single click vs. double click
I have the file browser, Nautilus 2.30.1, on Ubuntu 10.04 configured as

Behavior Single click to open items

And it works just fine. However, when I use the Open dialog, for example with VMWare player I select from the menu File; Open and a generic looking dialog appears to allow me to navigate to the file of interest, I must double click to open subdirectories or select a file. I believe this dialog is related to Nautilus because the shortcuts I have created on the lower left side of the Nautilus file browser appear in the Open dialog as well.

So the question is... How do I make the Open dialog respect my desire that a single click opens an item?



dfowensby 09-27-2011 04:58 PM

off-topic: use care with centos/rhel 5.6. this is Fedora6/legacy material (read: obsolete). SL6.1 is far more fun.
not that familiar with VM stuff, but is nautilus in its list as an application? IIRC, nautilus is (pre3.0)gnome-specific, and virtual environments used to be home-built and it's configuration seperate. do you have a .config file present you can caress? contestants welcome to jump in. :D

taylorkh 09-27-2011 06:08 PM

Thanks dfowensby,

VMWare is just an example of an application which uses an "Open" dialog to allow the user to navigate the file system of the host machine to locate the VM which is to be launched. Perhaps a bad example on my part as the question does not have to do with the specific application. Try gedit. File; Open; (or the Open button) brings up the same dialog window. This is where I wish to single click to open a file.

As to the Off Topic...

I have given CentOS 6 a try. I have everything working except VLC media player. A rather ugly dependency problem between the EPEL and RPM Forge repositories I think is the "reason". I have tried SL 6 but not yet 6.1. The SL forums seemed to be rather dead compared to the CentOS forums. I solved my immediate Ubuntu issue (suspend/resume failures) by replacing my nVidia card with an ATI card. Still with the way Ubuntu is headed with Unity I may jump ship after 10.04 LTS goes off support.


dfowensby 10-18-2011 03:00 AM

i concur. i'm using OzRedux64, which is ubuntu1004lts. i have a hard eye towards openindiana. it's old school and very stable java solaris. the 151a is devel, but a very nice OS anyway. gnome3 is a disaster, and ubiquity a joke...ubuntu has slit its throat, so it's fedora/lxde, opensuse/kde, or whatever OI comes up with. it looks like microsoft has finally won.

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