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mrGrumpier 03-01-2013 06:14 AM

Nautilus Folder Icons
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Ubuntu/Unity 12.04

In an earlier release, I was able to add an icon to a folder (as an aid to it's content) - I replaced one icon with Bluefish Logo!

Now when I am in any program and [OPEN] a file the folders with 'my' logos do not appear in the list. I have to go to file_sytem and navigate from /home.

The attachment shows

Bottom Layer: HOME FOLDER, Bluefish Logo on right.
Middle Layer: Bluefish Program, just pressed File Open
Top Layer: Results, NOTE Places Column has no entry for Bluefish Folder

Attachment 11971

This is NOT a Bluefish problem as File Open from any program hides this folder.

Simple solution is to create a new folder and move bluefish's content, this leaves me with a basic folder icon only. But I would like to use the 'old' method of giving folders their own icons. It seems that just the default folders are allowed to have their own icon.

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