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SilversleevesX 12-26-2011 02:06 PM

Nautilus - enabling double-click-on-name rename?
I think it's absurd that in Nautilus, under normal circumstances (i.e., when one is viewing a folder one either "owns" or where one has read-write privileges), one still has to right-click on a single file and select "Rename..." in order to rename that file. Unless I miss my guess, I think Nautilus is the last and only widely-used file navigator for which this is so.

In another thread, I asked whether or not it was possible, without using the above method, to copy just a filename and not its contents with an action or menu tweak. One respondent suggested a Nautilus script written in Python to perform that function. Unfortunately, I don't know any Python or else, as the cliché goes, I'd get right on it. But I also think that enabling double-click on the text of a filename to rename it, when Nautilus -- by itself or after a filesystem check -- can positively verify said file either belongs to the user making the attempt at renaming, or otherwise has "mod chops" (privileges that allow for modification) on the files in the directory where the file is located, would make a great "mate" to the hypothetical script suggested in the other thread.

So my short question is: can what's in the Subject line also be done with a Python script?


unSpawn 12-26-2011 05:31 PM

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