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Iresh 07-18-2007 01:42 AM

Mount the QEmu virtual disk/Access CD Rom

I have installed Windows XP Under Ubuntu 7.04 ( ). Now I need to install Flash MX 2004 and configure my Canon scanner inside that (because it is not supported properly by Ubuntu)

But when I insert a CD to install Flash, I can't access using My Computer. When I double click on that "CD Drive (D:)" , I get a message saying "Please insert a disk in to drive D:".

further I tried mount that QEmu virtual disk, using this command

sudo mount -o loop,offset=32256 windows.img /media/qemu

I got this result

server@server:~$ sudo mount -o loop,offset=32256 windows.img /media/qemu
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0,
missing codepage or other error
In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
dmesg | tail or so


How do I access that QEmu virtual disk or access CDs ?

Thanks !


Samotnik 07-18-2007 05:07 AM

man qemu??? (about -cdrom option)

galliar 07-18-2007 06:08 PM

What about VMWARE

Originally Posted by Samotnik
man qemu??? (about -cdrom option)

I know this doesn't anwswer your direct question, but I have used qemu and found it can be more complicated to use than VMware, and not quite as intuitive. You can download vmware server for free and will find the interface quite simple, dvd, usb's, etc all work very well. I have xp running under on VM, 2003 server standard x64 under another machine. The xp machine uses a canon scanner that works fine through the usb interface.

By the way, are you unable to find a scanner driver that works under sane natively? Sometimes you can find a lower model than the one you have and most functions will work.



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