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hippy4life 01-18-2006 03:05 PM

M-Audio Delta 44 and KDE audio problems
Is anyone using the M audio Delta 44 sound card in conjunction with Kubuntu.

I've got drivers installed, thanks to the lovely hardware detection in Kubuntu. But im having problems finding the right sound system to use with this card Alsa seems to provide good sound with amarok and Kaffeine but the system sounds, i.e kde login/logout sounds, error sounds etc sound warbly and distorted, If i use the TOSS sound system sytstem sounds are ok but there are some problems with bitrates and some files play too slow or too fast.

If anyone using this card could give me their exact setups with regards to kde itself and the media players they are using i would be very greatfull.

Thanks in advance!

halvy 01-21-2006 03:37 PM

linux sound system(s) are an odd bunch of different protocols, as you have seen.

this is pretty much 'just the way it is'..

when you have one program set up correctly, it will break another.

there really isn't much that can be done (yet) on this issue, as linux multimedia 'standards' are still in a seemingly 'flux'.

although you can 'call' up different sound systems (ie oss, alsa, etc) in one session, you would need to really do your homework (if the programs in questions dont', to make them all 'play nicely together'.

i am working on a custom debian multimedia/amatuer radio centric live-installable-dvd right now, so i am pressed to determine 'which sound systems go -- and which stay'.

since i am going to go 'all out' in a sense with this project, i learned early on that it is imperitive to have one sepperate os for server stuff (ie having your own inet radio station, etc) and one for work/play,ie one system that plays all the basic stuff, including the 'beeps & boop' that window manager have.

so the bottom line is i would be supprised if anyone has what you are requesting... although surely it may be possible since i have not tried the 'combo' that you are yet.

good luck, let us know.. :)

hippy4life 01-25-2006 07:01 PM

playing nicely together is one thing, why do we need so many demons, surely OSS and ALSA provide all the functions we need?

Any functions that are not supported will surely be added over time. So why have soo many other demons? Anyway after some tweaking of buffers and a lot of trial and error im there, unfortunatly it was such a long and confusing process that i'm not sure what settings i've used on which programs.

darn. will have to get round to making a note of them soon.

halvy 01-25-2006 08:36 PM

alot of the protocols are left over from years past.

they had a purpose then..and some do now actaully.

then there are some programs which still rely on them.

esd, nas, poly.. are some of these protocols.

then came arts (for kde mostely).

then came oss the last few years.. it was to solve alot of the crosstalk-- so to speak amoung the different systems.

now comes alsa.. again, to do the same things all the others were.

my suggestion in general is to use gnome, put ALL the sound systems you can find on your puter..

then use oss for input and output--- unless you have a proven better reason to use another.

make sure alsa is installed, but only have " asla-utils"
and "oss-preserve" on at boot time.

remember some programs will call up esd or arts when necessary.

and some programs like vlc will require that you shut down your 'sound server' (ie that thing-ma-jig that allows for your 'system sounds' (ie the little beeps & boops while you are working).

good luck man :)

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