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Marrrriej 01-18-2010 07:39 AM

Live USB on a external HD instead of USB pendrive / NTLDR is missing

Here is my situation.

I have a machine which i have to test with a live version of ubuntu 9.10. I used a usb pendrive for some time but it failed after rebooting a few times.

Now i try to install a live version on a external HD of 160 GB. I installed the ubuntu 9.10 with unetbootin on the external HD.

When I boot from the HD I get the error: NTLDR is Missing.

Is it possible to install of load the ubuntu 9.10 version on a external HD. I found some stuff about

- using another USB stick with the live version and install from that USB to the external HD.
- using the live cd to install. But I don't have a CD drive on the machine.

Do anybody know if its possible? Or what i can do with de error?


linus72 01-18-2010 07:49 AM

Hey bro;

Unetbootin will only nstall syslinux to a fat32 usb

is your usb-hdd fat32?

seems like your usb-hdd is ext2 or ext3 and your trying to boot with Grub?

its easy enough to install
but need to know filesystem type? fat32/ext2/ext3 of usb-hdd

need to know if you wanna install ubuntu as full hd install
or as frugal persistent usb install?

Marrrriej 01-18-2010 09:23 AM


I see the External USB HD is a NTFS format. Is there another way to fix it? Or install it?


ashok_kxj2009 04-16-2010 02:24 AM

Full install on USB HDD
My problem is also similar. I used a Ubuntu live usb flash drive with persistance for some time but now my application size has grown up to cover the limit of 4GB casper partition. Is it really possible to do a full install of Ubuntu on external USB HDD (I am taking about rotating platter and not about flash drive). I know that there are some limitation on booting a OS from USB HDDs as present computer achitecture doesnot permit that as fer as ms-windows is in concern. Does Ubuntu gives us the flexability to do that? I have a 160 GB Seagate laptop HDD inside a enclosure whose controller chipset from Jmicron. I want to do a full install of Ubuntu 9.10 in it and filesystem is not a limittion as I am ready to format the drive with any filesystem which will be required for the job. I tried to find out about the subject in internet but couldnot found anything clear and straightforword. Need your help.


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