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stripoculus 06-22-2009 03:30 PM

kubuntu session dissapeared from grub loader

I have Kubuntu 8.10 and Windows XP dual boot. The following problem occured while working in ubuntu and I'm not sure why (it might have something to do with c++ libraries because I was changing something in synaptic). Suddenly my system restarted and ubuntu is gone from the grub loader menu. I only see windows and ubuntu memtest86 stuff. When I boot from the LiveCD, I can access all my files on linux partition, so I guess that means ubuntu is there, but grub doesn't see it.
In /boot/grub/menu.lst file, there are only windows and memtest86+. I tried to add ubuntu there, but no success, I got grub error 15.

I don't have much experience in administrating linux (obviously)...

I would be grateful if anyone has an idea how to fix this (other than re-installing ubuntu).

Thank you!

yancek 06-22-2009 06:11 PM

It's difficult to determine from your post what your actual setup is. You say you have a dual-boot system with Kubuntu and xp and refer later to Ubuntu so, do you have Kubuntu and xp or do you have Kubuntu, Ubuntu and xp??

Probably the simplest thing to do is load the Live CD and run the command:

sudo fdisk -l, post it here to show your partition information. You could also post your menu.lst file leaving off the lines at the top beginning with hash marks (#).

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