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EwanG 09-15-2005 09:03 AM

KRFB help (Kubuntu Breezy)
OK, I've done some searching through the forums, and can't find the answer (or am not looking for the right one). So thought I'd ask here...

I connect to my home computer a couple times a day from work on my breaks, and on a different distribution had used VNCserver. But that distribution didn't support RAID without customizing the kernel, and that's not a hobby I feel like taking up at this point

So, install Breezy Kubuntu, make a few changes here and there, notice that it already has a remote desktop software option. Oh goody, one less thing to install and configure.

However, whenever I connect to the machine (using RealVNC 4.0.x for Windows), the CPU jumps up to 100%. I saw that some folks have complained of similar behavior when moving their windows around, but as I'm using the built-in Intel Video rather than ATi or Nvidia, the suggestions there don't quite seem applicable.

Is there anything I can do? Disable KRFB and install VNCviewer? Change some configuration somewhere?


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