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biiiep 11-17-2007 11:27 AM

kbluetooth doesn't find my bluetooth dongle

perhaps you can help.

I set up my bluetooth dongle up with

hciconfig hci0 up
hciconfig scan

hci0:  Type: USB
        BD Address: 00:15:83:02:04:D5 ACL MTU: 310:10 SCO MTU: 64:8
        UP RUNNING
        RX bytes:8199 acl:182 sco:0 events:324 errors:0
        TX bytes:3612 acl:183 sco:0 commands:61 errors:0

I think it's properly activated. Nevertheless kbluetooth doesn't find the device so i can't connect to my mobile.

If i do a

hcitool scan
my mobile gets found.

Do i have to do anything else to activate my dongle kbluetooth or in general?

Thanks for your help in advance.

biiiep 11-17-2007 05:04 PM

so i found the solution on my own. It's always better to read all output you get. ;)

Kbluetooth needs this curious sdpd daemon which you can't find in bluez-utils package because this service is integrated into hcid.

A very helpful option of hcid was to start it with


hcid -n --> you get more information
but the clue was to start it like this:


hcid -n -s
The "-s" option proposes the sdpd service for kbluetooth. Now everything works fine ;)

For normal use the "-n" option is unnecessary but it tells you if you have configration failures.

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