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sulekha 02-07-2012 06:44 AM

How will you implement account lockout policy in linux?
Hi all,

What are the commands or directory were I could set the number of Bad logon attemps and so forth in ubuntu linux (10.04) ?

NEQTAN 02-07-2012 05:03 PM

account lockout after failed log in...
There is no feature in the gui to setup this action. So in short, I could find no directory in that regard.

However there is a command I found. Faillog. It's path should be (if it is installed) /var/log/faillog.

Here are some links to read that will teach you how to use the command: (recommended)

That should do it. Have fun.


I found the information above through google, searching the following query's:

"failed login lockout policy linux ubuntu 10.04"

This did not print any links that fit. But there were some keywords I picked up.

So refining the search a little got the answer:

"lockout failed login attempts ubuntu 10.04"

In this search, there was even a link to LQ where there was a similar discussion but pam_tally was used for this same task.

Finally I searched "faillog"

sulekha 02-10-2012 01:00 AM

I was going through this page

can any one explain what does the following line mean ?

auth required per_user onerr=fail

especially per_user onerr=fail means ?

NEQTAN 02-10-2012 07:33 PM

Try this:

I think referring to the manuals will always prove most helpful.

So if there is a command or a software or anything like that. I will simply go to google and type in:

faillog manual


pam_tally manual


gnome manual

There are many manuals that can be read in terminal as well.

You may try $ pam_tally -h in a terminal. See if there is a "man" (manual).

Also read this forum thread:

I hope this helps.


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