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dolphans1 07-11-2010 02:19 PM

How to restore Ubuntu wifi connection panel?
I ran into a problem where I accidentally deleted my wifi connections choices panel on my bottom panel.

I tried everything I could think of.

What can I do to restore it, without doing a new install...



RockDoctor 07-12-2010 08:13 AM

Not sure if I understand your situation, but perhaps this is what you need:
Alt-F2 to bring up a Run Application dialog, then nm-applet

dolphans1 07-12-2010 09:16 AM

What I have done is installed GLX Cario Dockey.

It's annoying having the bottom panel cover up part of the dockey, so I tought I would compromise and work around it and did reinstall and moved the bottom panel up top, however that does not work either. When I boot into Ubuntu, I get the icon message on the desktop upper right hand corner, that clearly says to "Click" on this icon to select "network" and I struggle getting to it, because my mouse tends to freeze and my only way to unfreeze it on my Lenovo laptop is to click on the left arrow (on PgUp/PgDn buttons).

By the time I reach and click on it, it turns whitish color and disappears on me. (lasts 5 seconds)

I have searched repeated sites using google and tried your method several times.

I have also tried sudo pppoeconfig

I have tied ALT + F-2 then gk sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces

and have hit a dead end road every single time.

Ubuntu is in my opinion severely flawed in as far as something so simple cannot be navigated by a reasonable Network window via Konsole or other means.

For example: One should be able to rt click on top panel and add a "View-Networks" icon panel to select from, but thus far it appears to be practically impossible.


dolphans1 07-12-2010 09:29 AM

Now that I have ripped Ubuntu, I may have stumbled/fumbled onto a solution by accident.

I was going to do a third final reinstall, when my boot order menu bypassed my install Ubuntu DVD, so what the heck, I decided to try it one more time.

What I did > was right click on the upper panel> and then clicked add to panel > then go down to notifications and it adds a battery icon but it fools you, because you do not see wifi icon any where, however to the left of battery icon, grey area, you can't see the radio wave icon, because its hidden, you must click in that grey area, and all the wifi networks appear below.

You can then scroll down and choose your correct wifi network. When connection is made, the wifi radio wave icon is clearly visable to the left of the battery, I will take a snap shot and add to site to demonstrate.


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