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edgartech 05-25-2008 06:10 PM

Help with Desktop Cube
hey there... i just installed ubuntu 8.04 and i wanted to know how to setup the desktop 3d cube... i dont know how to start..
what are the steps to set up the 3d cube??
thank you!

slimm609 05-25-2008 07:15 PM

here is a guide for 7.10 but i am sure it wont be much different.

you are looking for compiz or compiz fusion BTW

IndyGunFreak 05-25-2008 07:54 PM

Short and simple(assuming your using Gnome, but I imagine its similar for KDE)...

Search Synaptic for compizconfig-settings-manager
Right click it, Mark for Install, then Install it.

After its installed, System/Pref/Advanced Desktop Effects Settings..

After that, there's a ton of options, and you'll just have to play with it to get it how you want it.

edgartech 05-25-2008 10:47 PM

i already set it up but i just want to know to do i lunch the 3d cube.... do i have to press anything or what?

IndyGunFreak 05-26-2008 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by edgartech (Post 3164539)
do i have to press anything or what?

No... Just stare at your monitor and think "Rotate Cube" and wait for it to happen... :)

Its in the settings there how you have to do it... Don't hold me to it, but I think default, is hold control, left click, move mouse.

It however, has been ages since I messed w/ the advanced features of Compiz.


tgpfx 06-02-2008 04:02 AM

Using Compiz
Using Hardy Heron I installed the Compiz Fusion Icon from add remove which then appeared under system tools. Click on the icon and you will see it next to the network icon at the top of the screen. Left click on the icon and it will open a menu - top of the menu is 'settings manager' and with settings manager open you will have a long long list of icons describing all the various effects possible. Enable the ones you want with a tick, and then with the cube enabled hold down Ctl/Alt and either use the left and right arrow keys OR hold the left mouse button down and drag the desktop to the next face. Make sure you have at least 4 workspaces enabled (look bottom right), but I usually use 8 in order to switch quickly from one application to another. After you have enabled this it will remain the default when you boot up, until you change it through the Compiz Icon.

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